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Solitaire, halo, or trilogy? Round, pear, or oval? Diamond or coloured gemstone. The options are seemingly endless when it comes to choosing an engagement ring. Luckily, Taylor & Hart, London-based jeweller specialising in bespoke engagement rings, have shared their top tips to help you make the right choice:

platinum diamond ring

1. Do your homework

Nobody knows your partner better than you. The easiest inspiration of all, is to look at what style of jewellery and clothing your partner already wears. Take into account what will suit their skin tone and daily lifestyle. For example, if your partner works with their hands, the metal and setting should reflect this, to avoid unnecessary damage to the ring. Also, avoid going with a theme, it’s wiser to choose something tasteful and classic that will stand the test of time.

rose gold diamond engagement ring

2. Work within your budget

Sticking to a budget won’t compromise the quality of your ring. Instead, it forces you to prioritise which elements of the ring are most important to you. Consumers get better value by learning about diamonds, gemstones and engagement rings before making their purchase. In fact, couples often undertake the purchase together, as this kind of expense is considered a household decision. You could even propose with a placeholder ring and come back to design the actual ring together – this way, you’ll be sure you’re choosing the right one!

sapphire and diamond ring

3. Choose the right stone

Before choosing your diamond, you must consider the 4 Cs of diamond quality–cut, clarity,colour and carat weight. While all of the 4 Cs are important, we suggest that clarity, cut and colour suit your preferences first, before considering carat weight, based on your remaining budget. Of course, for lovers of the bold and bright, gemstone engagement rings featuring sapphires, rubies, emeralds or tourmalines are on-trend, offering a vibrant splash of colour, and aunique take on an otherwise traditional gift.

4. Choose the right metal

We recommend 18ct white, yellow or rose gold and platinum for rings designed to be worn every day as they’re durable metals, boasting glorious shine and depth of colour. For those not tied to just one metal, consider incorporating more than one metal into your design. Mixed metal engagement rings are fast becoming a modern trend because it allows an elevated level of creativity and customisation, and can work to further complement your chosen diamonds or gemstones. Alternatively, explore the various different metal finishes and textures available, to give your ring a vintage, contemporary or unique look.

5. Be creative and customise

Today, everybody is looking for ways to express themselves. Using a bespoke service empowers you to take creative control of your engagement ring design. The spectrum of bespoke ranges from something as small as an inscription or gemstone set on the inside of your band, to having a custom-cut gemstone with an entirely customised engraved pattern along the ring–it’s totally up to you. Little touches can add a hugely personal and unique finish so don’t be afraid to consider customisation–push the boundaries of what you thought was possible. To design your perfect engagement ring, visit Taylor & Hart, who helps you to create an engagement ring that captures your unique story.

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Three Stone Engagement Rings: What are they and why are they the perfect choice for you?

When choosing the perfect diamond engagement ring, it’s important to choose a classic style that also adds individual flair to the design. These days, it can be very daunting to find a piece of jewellery that you love. However, it can also be very exciting. Diamond Heaven have a varied plethora of engagement rings to choose from. For something elegant and unique, three stone engagement rings are the best option for you.

What is a three stone engagement ring

Also know as a trilogy ring, a three stone engagement ring is a ring with three main stones in its core. The three stones are quite symbolic and can be quite meaningful. Each of the three stones represents a passing of time or put simply: past, present and future. Three rings are seen as a sign of commitment, which makes them the perfect anniversary gift. The stones are also seen as part of the core factors of any marriage: commitment, trust and respect. For every couple, the three stones are up for interpretation, which strengthens the individual feel to the ring.

Why are three stone engagement rings popular

A Guide to Three Stone Engagement Rings

A Guide to Three Stone Engagement Rings

A huge factor in the trends of jewellery such as three stone engagement rings is hugely down to celebrities. In 2018, when Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announced their engagement it was revealed that he had given her a three stone ring. The main stone was sourced from Botswana, a place they had holidayed together in. Two diamonds were added either side which had been acquired from his mother’s jewellery collection. Prince Harry certainly understood the symbolism behind the bond and commitment of a trilogy engagement ring.

 What are the types of three stone engagement rings

Diamond Heaven house a range of rings and metals to suit all preferences. If you are looking for a platinum, white gold, yellow gold or rose gold ring, we’ve got you covered. Our collection also contains a plethora of precious stones, whether you want a more traditional diamond or something as unusual as coloured gemstones. Three stone rings are available in numerous cuts but the round brilliant cut diamond is by far the most popular.

How much is a three stone engagement ring

Just as with other engagement rings, the cost of a three stone engagement ring will vary depending on the cut, colour, clarity and carat of the diamond. However, your ring doesn’t have to be too costly. Costs can incur for having three stones, but they all don’t have to be diamonds. If you pick less valued side stones, you will save money and they won’t outshine the main gemstone. For more advice on choosing your three stone engagement ring, make an appointment to visit Hatton Garden jewellery store Diamond Heaven. You can browse our collection and we can help you find the perfect engagement ring.

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Choosing a men’s wedding band is not easy. It is a must to find a wedding ring that you will want to wear for eternity that also expresses you as a person. This guide can help you choose the perfect wedding ring style for men so you can show it off and live happily ever after.

Wedding ring budget

It isn’t cheap getting married, which is why deciding your budget from the start is important. This is especially important when coming to choose your wedding rings. You can either have a wedding rings in a pair and have similar styles, or have different ones if you prefer. We always advise that you add 10% to your budget to cover all costs.

Wedding ring size

Every person is different which means your fiance’s ring size is different to yours. After deciding how much you’re going to spend on wedding rings, it is now time to find out your size. This will save you from any frustrations if the ring ultimately doesn’t fit. The best way to do this is with a ring sizer which will give you your exact size.

When finding your size, you should do it when your hands are at a mild temperature. This is because heat can cause your fingers to swell up and the cold makes fingers slimmer – so you could end up with a ring that’s too small for you!

Wedding ring metals

Choosing a wedding band is one of the best parts of choosing a wedding ring. Picking the type of metal for your ring is incredible important, as it influences durability, cost, maintenance and the aesthetic of the ring. You should also choose a metal that your skin won’t react to, in case of allergies:

Platinum – This offers a metal with the whitest colour and is the rarest It is the most durable metal available and will maintain its white shine. This rarity and resilience means it is one of the more expensive metals.
White Gold – Made from a mix of yellow gold and white metal. White Gold has a similar aesthetic to platinum. In order to maintain its white shine, a gold wedding band needs to be plated with rhodium every few years.
Yellow Gold – It is the most traditional metal used in wedding bands and is soft naturally.
Silver is much cheaper and malleable than other alloys. It is the most common precious metal.
Rose Gold is a mix of gold, silver, copper and other alloys. It is one of the most popular metals at the moment.
Palladium has a dark grey shine that is hard to mimic from other metals. It is a much cheaper part of the platinum family. It is also corrosion resistant.

Guide to Men’s Wedding Bands

Guide to Men’s Wedding Bands

Wedding ring styles

Once you have the metal, ring size and budget decided, it is time to choose the perfect ring profile. There are various classic wedding profiles to pick from. Finding the right style for you will maximise your comfort. Make your choice from these styles:

Court wedding band

The court style is one of he most common shapes available. The classic court style features rounded interiors and exteriors, giving an aesthetic of a neatly rounded ring. This style is one of the most comfortable rings to wear.

D-Shaped Wedding Ring

The second most popular ring profile holds similarities with the Classic Court profile. Containing a flat interior and rounded exterior just like the letter “D”. For those looking for a traditional style with a better fit, the D-Shape is perfect for you.

Flat wedding rings

For something completely different to a classic court ring, then you have to consider a flat ring. If you have an active lifestyle or have a practical job, this ring will catch on items such as machinery.

 Flat court wedding rings

The flat court ring has the exterior of a flat ring with the comfortable rounded interior of a classic court, and is a popular men’s style. This is a modern side. If you prefer a cleaner more refined finish, then this design is perfect for you.

Bevelled wedding rings

Bevelled profiles feature flat interiors with a slightly angled exterior with two edges. If you are looking for a striking wedding band where light bounces and creates a luminous shine, then this bevelled profile is for you.

Concave wedding rings

This profile showcases a curved outer surface and has a much more elegant aesthetic. The interior is exactly the same as the court profile, so your ring is guaranteed to be beautiful and comfortable.

wedding ring width

The average size of a wedding band for a man sits between 5mm-7mm. If your finger size is under 9.0, then a 6mm ring will be right for you so it doesn’t overpower your fingers. We recommend that you try different band widths to find the most comfortable that suits you.

Guide to Men’s Wedding Bands

Guide to Men’s Wedding Bands

Wedding ring Styles

It is becoming much more common for men’s wedding bands to be set with diamonds. Whether you want a plain, patterned, matte or polished ring a shining finish, it is up to you. Wedding bands reflect the personality of the wearer, your spouse and you as a couple.

Hatton Garden Jewellers Diamond Heaven can help you find the perfect wedding rings based on your tastes and budget. Get in touch with us today!
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right carat for your diamond engagement ring

The right carat for your diamond engagement ring

If you are planning on getting engaged but not sure what the right carat for your diamond engagement ring should be, then this is the guide for you!

When planning on popping the question, there is a lot to think about in creating the perfect engagement. You’ll be considering how much should you spend on an engagement ring, thinking about locations to propose and which precious metal you should choose. A common question we get at Diamond Heaven is: how many carats should an engagement ring be?

What does carat mean

A carat is the units of measurement for precious stones and pearls. One carat is the equivalent of 200 milligrams. The GIA scale is used to measure diamonds. To put pricing into perspective, the largest diamond ever song at auction was a 118 carat egg sized diamond that went for $30.6 million in the Hong Kong branch of Sotheby’s. Obviously, this is nowhere near the price or size of the average engagement ring. Traditions around engagement rings differ from culture to culture, so there’s no size fits all.

Engagement rings the average carat size

your diamond engagement ring

The correct carat for your diamond engagement ring

As you can see from this table, the average fluctuates from country to country. More people will place emphasis on the size of a diamond which makes it more of a symbol of love rather than a symbol of new starts and ultimate commitment. Some people do feel embarrassed buying a smaller diamond, especially if they see a bigger diamond on the finger of friends and family.

Does diamond size influence your budget

Firstly, you should never try and buy the average carat size for the diamond if you cannot afford it. An engagement ring is the symbol of love and new beginnings, so don’t put yourself in debt at the start of your journey. You should consider a sensible finance option, if you do want to reach that average size.

If you have a budget of £2,200 and want to reach that average size of 0.6 carat, you will also need to have enough for the setting as well. If you don’t then the quality of the diamond is likely to be poor. Diamond Heaven always recommend purchasing a smaller diamond with a better cut as this determines how beautiful you diamond will be. A sparkly diamond can hide inclusions, mask colour and can look larger.

The best engagement ring for your money

Purchase the best cut possible because the cut will decide how brilliant a diamond will look. The highest diamond around will not shine if the cut is poor. The best cut means money can be saved on colour and clarity.
Look for a diamond slightly under the magic numbers. What are these magic numbers? Every 0.5 carats. At these weights, diamond sellers will demand significantly more. If you go just below a magic number, you might be able to buy a diamond for as much as 25% less than the asking price.
Choose a lower clarity diamond. This saves a lot of money. The naked eye cannot spot flaws in diamonds.
Consider the metal you want. Yellow gold and rose gold are much cheaper than white gold or platinum. Choosing a lower colour diamond will bring huge savings.

Discover Hatton Garden Jewellers Diamond Heaven’s stunning diamond engagement rings or visit us in store or contact us to find perfect ring.

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An Eternity Ring is gifted by a significant other when a couple reaches a milestone anniversary or life changing occasion.

A Guide to Eternity Rings

An eternity ring is given by a loved one

What is an eternity ring

Eternity rings (or infinity rings) are made up of a precious metal set with a line of diamonds identically cut or precious gemstones.

Eternity rings history

Egyptian myth suggests the band is based on the symbol Ouroboros, which looked like a snake or lizard that swallowed its own tail to form a circle. The first example of an Ouroboros appeared on the Tomb of Tutankhamun in 14th Century BC. The eternity ring can also be traced back to a Tibetan Buddhist Endless Knot and also the Infinity symbol created by mathematician John Wallis in 1655.

What does eternity ring symbolise

Since 2,000 BC, the Eternity Ring has become the ultimate symbol of commitment and eternal love. The band is also associated with the concept of “The Circle of Life”. For a time, it was considered common practice to gift a wife an eternity ring after the birth of a couple’s first child. There are different meanings to the various eternity rings available and you find out what your eternity rings says about you!

Eternity ring what order do you wear it

Your Eternity Ring, Engagement Ring and Wedding Ring are most commonly worn on the right finger of your left hand. The Eternity Ring is usually placed between the Wedding Band and Engagement Ring. In the end, it is up to you how you choose to wear your eternity ring, just consider your own comfort when making that choice.

Eternity ring as a gift

The traditional time to gift an eternity ring is on the birth of your first child or reaching a 10th anniversary. You may also gift an Eternity Ring on these occasions:

When your partner is pregnant
A Birthday present
Valentine’s Day
Diamond Infinity Ring could be gifted on a 60th Wedding Anniversary
Sapphire Eternity Ring for a 45th Wedding Anniversary
Ruby Infinity Ring for a 40th Wedding Anniversary
Emerald Eternity Ring for a 55th Wedding Anniversary

Eternity rings channel or pavé

From Full Channel Eternity Rings to Half pavé Eternity Rings, there will be Eternity Rings suit every person. You can even select the shape of diamond or gemstone of the ring.

paved with diamonds

Paved with diamonds

Pavé is a classic design from France that is translated as “paved with diamonds”. This design has small diamonds and other gemstones attached to the precious metal, giving it a wonderfully textured surface. Your ring will give off the illusion that it has a surface of jewels whether it is full pavéd or half pavéd.

Channel eternity ring

Channel Eternity ring

Channel eternity rings contain one or numerous rows of diamonds or gemstones set in the sections of precious metal, which gives the ring a smooth finish. A half design is particularly beautiful.

When choosing the perfect Eternity Ring, you should browse an Eternity Rings Glossary, to ensure you are getting the right one for your loved one. For more help in finding the perfect Eternity Ring, visit Diamond Heaven’s Hatton Garden Jewellery store or contact us today.

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