Craft Week – Rebus Signet Rings Celebrates Craft Week 2018

Oval Signet rings

Rebus Oval Signet rings

Celebrate Craft Week in Hatton Garden this year, visitors will have the opportunity to explore the new Rebus workshop, a fully interactive craft and design experience where visitors can learn more about the making process, creative elements and heritage of signet rings. There will be live engraving and craftspeople developing designs.

Rebus creates unique, hand-crafted signet rings and bespoke engraved jewellery, which they design and make on site using traditional techniques. The award-winning team of skilled goldsmiths and hand engravers creates high quality, bespoke signet rings for both men and women who want to express their individuality and appreciation of craftsmanship. Not only does this mean traditional family crests, but an increasing number of people are interested in creating their own meaningful design, which communicates their personality.

Join us 9th – 13th May and pop in any time between 9am – 12pm that week. Rebus 67 – 69 Leather Lane, London. EC1N 7TJ.   0207 405 5188.


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How To Choose A Diamond

How to choose a diamond. Hatton Garden

Velez Pave Engagement Ring with diamond set wedding band – Queensmith

At Queensmith, our sales team is made up of certified gemologists, who dedicate their time to making sure you’re confident with your purchase, including the specificities of your diamond. During your consultation, we will show you a selection of GIA certified diamonds with various differences so you can reach the right decision.

Diamonds are made up of a number of attributes known as the ‘Four Cs’ – cut, clarity, carat and colour. At Queensmith, we advise you to prioritise cut as the most important aspect of the stone. An ‘excellent’ or ‘very good’ cut has been cut and polished to the highly accurate and symmetrical degrees that contribute to total internal reflection. Rainbow colours are produced via the breaking up of white light leaving the crown facets, resulting in fantastic scintillation, i.e. sparkle. What’s the point in a diamond that doesn’t sparkle?







The colour of a diamond is graded by the natural presence of yellow, brown or grey hues. A colourless diamond makes for a more aesthetically-pleasing stone, but with subtle differences between each colour grade, most of us would prefer to compromise slightly on the colour of the stone for a better cut. As diamonds are formed in the Earth’s mantle, they pick up elemental traces such as nitrogen, which adds a yellow tint. Diamonds coloured D to F are considered ‘colourless’, whilst G to J are ‘near colourless’, the closest to D being the most valuable. Queensmith tends to stock diamonds from D to H, and during our diamond education consultations will take you through the processes of identifying the differences between diamonds colours.

Clarity is determined by the miniscule inclusions, tiny cracks known as feathers or particles of material held within the diamond since its formation. A flawless diamond contains no such blemishes, and is of course incredibly rare. Clarity is classified via a sliding scale, which you can learn about here. Inclusions tend to be invisible unless viewed under a microscope, so clarity is a great category to compromise on to optimise your budget. Many people actually like the idea of inclusions – like a fingerprint they make every diamond individual and are proof of the natural formation process that took place billions of years ago.

Once you have defined the cut, colour and clarity suitable for your budget, you can start to consider carat. ‘Carat is a measurement of weight, so is related to the size of a stone. To put it simply, larger diamonds are rarer, and two smaller diamonds adding to the same total carat weight of one larger stone will always be less expensive. With this logic in mind, a halo or trilogy ring can be a great way to maximise sparkle without compromising on ring size.

Budget is an important factor when choosing a diamond, which is why our gemologists work to find you the very best options to suit you. The cost of a diamond is a complex equation, and depends largely on the unique specificities of the stone, its origins and the global market.

Now you’ve had a chance to consider the many aspects that create the perfect diamond, you better start thinking about what you want your engagement ring to actually look like. Follow our guide on How to Choose an Engagement Ring, or browse our designs for a little inspiration. At Queensmith, we hand make every ring in our onsite workshop (encased in glass so you can see the process), allowing for bespoke design and detailing. We operate in a no-pressure environment and and keep you in the driving seat. We’re happy to remake any ring that isn’t totally loved by its recipient – so worry less about the design and let’s try and nail the diamond.

Book an Appointment with Queensmith

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Best bullion prices in London


Bellore Rashbel is a major supplier of precious metal bullion to the trade and the public. The Company is based in the London’s Jewellery quarter, Hatton Garden. Bellore Rashbel Ltd was founded on the knowledge and experience gained by over 25 years in the industry. Company’s innovative manufacturing and suppliers partnership enables to offer quality products at competitive prices.

Bellore Rashbel stocks everything for Jewellery making at competitive prices and it’s supplies include Precious Metal Bullion: Sheet, Wire, Tube, Grain, Solder, the biggest selection of precious metal findings, chains, the beading supplies and a fine stock of precious & semi precious gemstone beads and cut stones, jewellery making tools and machinery, ready made / finished Jewellery etc. Bellore Rashbel is also stockist of the industry’s biggest brands such as THE BEADSMITH, PMC, ART CLAY, 3M, WHEATSHEAF, BEADALON, DRAPER etc.

Bellore Rashbel manufactures and stocks the widest range of precious metal Gallery Ribbons / Gallery Strips, Decorative Wires, Pearl Wires.

The Showroom has an open plan layout that allows you to walk freely and view all goods: Precious Metal Bullion, Chains, Findings, Leathers and Beading supplies, Gemstones, jewellery making books, tools and machinery. We also offer stringing and repairing services. All you need to do is to come in, choose strings of gemstones and findings you like and we will do all stringing and beading for you.

We are pride of ourselves in our ability to provide each customer with one of our friendly and helpful personnel which are always ready to attend to all your needs. Our sales personnel has skills in the jewellery making and designing and they are more than happy to provide you with any technical information or advice that you may require. At Bellore Rashbel we are working to satisfy our customer needs and always keeping up with the latest trends and stock new select items.

If you need large quantities of an item we can make arrangements for a wholesale discount.

Please contact us by phone 0207 404 3220 or by email,, for any website related issues

You are invited to visit our showroom and store at 39 Greville Street, Hatton Garden, London, EC1N 8PJ

Opening hours are 9:00- 17.30 Monday – Friday

11:00-16:00 On the first Saturday of every month (when falls on a bank holiday, we will open the following weekend)

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design your own jewellery

Zuzana jewellery shop picture -

Bespoke, Bejewelled, Beloved

Creating bespoke jewellery is a very personal journey, and bringing these ideas to life for my clients is what makes me love what I do.

If you only have a desire when you contact me and not yet an idea of what you’re looking for, we’ll work together on design it and turning it into a creation for you to cherish. Alternatively, if you have a set design which you are aiming for, I am happy to work to those specifications, and  advise as needed based on over 10 years experience as a goldsmith designing custom jewellery.

To help you visualise your creation, I can provide a 3D image or even a model of the piece if needed. I am passionate about what I do and I want my clients to feel confident and at ease when they entrust me with their designs.

The process generally takes 2-3 weeks, although this can be sooner if needed. We’ll start with an initial chat over phone or email, agree on the design, select stones and finally hand make the piece.

I work with precious metals such as platinum, gold, palladium or silver and can help you source precious and semi-precious gemstones, including GIA certified diamonds, or work with stones you already have.

Feel free to browse my existing collections for contemporary pieceswedding bands, and engagement rings or contact me to discuss your ideas!

Zuzana specialises in unique one-of-a-kind engagement rings, wedding bands and contemporary jewellery. Each ring is individually handmade to order, and designs can be modified to your specific requirements.

She use both traditional bench skills and the latest CAD CAM technology which enables you to view the jewellery before it is produced.

Whether you have an exact idea or need some inspiration and advice first, you can visit her for a chat at the shop, or can consult remotely via email for commissions. Once we have an idea of what you would like, we’ll sketch out various designs for you to choose from before the work begins. We can also make an appointment so you can choose the gemstone and metal you like.

You can find more jewellers who can help you design your own Engagement ring.

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Three stone Engagement rings


Rennie and Co is a family run jewellers situated in the heart of London’s Jewellery Quarter. We handcraft a beautiful selection of diamond and coloured gemstone jewellery for a range of special occasions. An unrivalled level of customer service awaits both new and returning customers who will receive a personal and memorable experience.

The present store was opened in London’s Hatton Garden in 1995 when André Rennie left a family run jewellery business in which he had trained, to pursue his ideals of design, quality and service. Rennie and Co has become a favourite within the City of London, attracting visitors from all over the U.K as well as abroad. We have the privilege of seeing our loyal customers return to us for life’s most precious moments.

Rennie and Co have a fine reputation for the handcrafting of stunning GIA certificated three stone diamond engagement rings in London. A wide collection of platinum eternity rings, wedding bands, earrings and pendants are also available, as well as a bespoke service in-store for those with a specific design in mind. All of our jewellery pieces can be purchased online through our website.

We take great pride in crafting our three stone diamond rings in Britain. The journey begins when hand picking the most beautiful GIA graded diamonds. Each diamond is individually assessed to ensure that it meets our high standards. Our master goldsmith, diamond setter and polisher collaborate to ensure that each finished piece is absolutely perfect. We utilise the best of traditional skills combined with the benefits of modern technology to produce our jewellery. For us, each piece is a creation and as such we take great pride in its birth. All Rennie & Co jewellery is designed in house, so you can be assured that whatever your choice, it will stand out from the crowd.

To see our stunning range of Three stone Engagement rings, please visit the 3 stone diamond rings page on our website. Alternatively, pop into our showroom at your convenience. Our opening hours are Monday to Saturday 10am-5.30pm and Sunday 11am-3pm. To speak with our friendly jewellery consultants call 020 7405 4585 or email


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