The Hatton Garden guide to birthstones – Part 1

birthstone_chartBirthstones are particular gemstones that are commonly associated with the month that you were born. Wearing your birthstone will supposedly bring you love, luck and good fortune – and it will look beautiful as well! Don’t know what your birthstone is or what it means? Our two-part guide will reveal all…

January – Garnet
Garnet is an intensely coloured stone that comes in varying shades of red. It is said to represent chastity, truth and fidelity.

February – Amethyst
Amethyst is a purple gemstone that gets its bright colour from its high iron content. According to legend, it gives the wearer health, luck and wit.

March – Aquamarine
March’s stone aquamarine was once rumoured to be mermaid treasure, thanks to its unusual light blue colour! Nowadays it is known for signifying courage and confidence.

April – Diamond
April’s gemstone is the classic diamond, a stone which has been treasured since ancient times. Although diamonds are most commonly found in a brilliant white, you can get them in a variety of other colours including pink, yellow and brown.

May – Emerald
Emerald was chosen as May’s birthstone as its pretty green colour reflects the fresh shades of spring. Like the season, emeralds represent hope and rebirth.

June – Pearl
Pearls are a truly romantic gem, commonly associated with love. Like diamonds, they are most often found in shades of white and cream, but can occur in other hues too.

If your birth stone isn’t here, check back later this week for Part 2 of The Hatton Garden guide to birthstones – all will be revealed!

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Jewellery for Valentine’s Day

Antique_ValentineThe most romantic day of the year is just around the corner, but don’t worry if you haven’t picked up a present for your beloved just yet. The stores of Hatton Garden are full of great gift ideas for both men and women – here is our pick of some of the best.

For ladies

If you’re looking for a heartfelt gift for the lady in your life, forget flowers and chocolate – after all, in the words of the iconic Marilyn Monroe, diamonds are a girl’s best friend! Treating your girl to a new necklace or a sparkling pair of earrings will win you serious boyfriend points this February 14th. Valentine’s Day is also one of the most popular dates for a proposal, so if things are getting serious and you really want to prove your commitment, it might be time to pick out that all important diamond ring

For men

Regardless of the occasion, jewellery isn’t just for the ladies! Most men will appreciate a jewellery based gift as well. Designer watches are a great gift option for the modern gentlemen, and with the incredible range of options in the shops of Hatton Garden, you’ll be spoilt for choice! Alternative gifts could include a pair of cufflinks or a high quality hipflask – both of which come in a range of metals to suit every budget, from smart sterling silver to precious platinum. If you want to add a personal touch to your present, why not add an engraving?

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Wedding jewellery for men


cufflinks from John Lawrence

There are endless articles on the Internet that talk about wedding jewellery for women – from pearls and pendants to diamonds and drop earrings, they’ve got it covered – but on that big day, it’s important for the groom to look his best too! There are a whole host of wedding jewellery options for men that can add an extra touch of class to the groom’s ensemble – here’s our guide to some of the best.


Chances are, if you’re getting married, you’ll be suited and booted for the occasion, so it’s important to invest in a pair of cufflinks to make sure your look is smart and streamlined. Cufflinks come in a variety of different styles and precious metals – some grooms like to co-ordinate with their bride’s selection of sparkle, but ultimately, the choice is yours.


Getting five minutes to check your phone is almost out of the question on your big day, so a well-chosen watch will help you to look great and keep track of time! Watches are also a great option for gifts for your groomsmen; choose a tasteful, classic style that will suit everyone and engrave the back with the date of the wedding or a personal message.

Rings are the only item of jewellery that is essential on your wedding day, and you’re going to be wearing it for life so it’s important to consider your options carefully. Most men opt for a simple band in the same shade of gold, white gold or platinum as their partner, but if you want to customise, you could always add an engraving or some discreet diamonds for an extra touch of luxury.

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Brooches for brides

Picture 1Selecting the right wedding jewellery is a tricky task for any bride. Your gems have to look good with your dress, your shoes, your colour scheme and even your groom, so it’s important to get it right! Many ladies opt for statement earrings or necklaces when it comes to their wedding jewels, but a more unusual option that often gets overlooked is the humble brooch. This guide will show you how to incorporate brooches into your bridal look – and why you should keep a couple in your jewellery box just in case!

Brighten up your bouquet

Most bouquets are beautiful enough to stand out from the crowd on their own, but if you’re a girl who can’t resist a touch of extra sparkle, you can add a brooch to yours to give a truly unique finish. Some more adventurous brides are even forgoing flowers entirely and constructing their entire bouquets from pearl or gemstone brooches – a great idea for any bride who wants to stand out from the crowd.

Add sparkle to your shoes

If you’ve blown your wedding budget on the gown and can only afford a pair of simple shoes, brooches provide a great opportunity to jazz them up. Beg, buy or borrow two brooches and pin them to the front of the shoe or along each side to make your footwear a little more fancy.

Hide last minute mistakes!

It’s every bride’s worst nightmare – something goes wrong with one of the dresses (maybe even your own!) and you need a quick fix. Fear not – a beautiful brooch can be used to cover up a multitude of sins. Use it to pin together rips or burst seams, cinch in a dress that looks a little too loose, or shorten dress straps if skirts are dragging on the ground.

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Quirky jewellery

Kelsey Comfort chocolate truffles earrings made from clay

Kelsey Comfort chocolate truffles earrings made from clay

Kelsey Comfort, a student from Alaska, has had her jewellery designs shared across the internet and beyond this week, thanks to her quirky cake and cookie based designs.

Kelsey, 21, made incredibly realistic clay jewellery pieces in the shape of her favourite sweet treats. The range incudes rings, necklaces and earrings in the shape of truffles, cupcakes, donuts, pie, cheesecake and even profiteroles – all in amazingly realistic detail.

“I use toothpicks, pin and a firm paintbrush for texturizing clay, and a clay roller for evenly rolling out clay. Everything else is created with my fingertips” she explained in a recent interview. “I spend a long time on my items; many of them take up to an hour to make. I don’t mind putting that much effort into them, because I truly love the art.”

Kelsey sells her jewellery pieces at bargain prices, usually ranging between £3 and £12, but for those who prefer their jewellery made out of precious metals, rather than clay, there are plenty of other options to explore.

Jewellery in quirky shapes and styles has become more and more popular over the last couple of years, thanks to celebrity pioneers like Zooey Deschanel and Fearne Cotton, and at the bespoke jewellery design stores in Hatton Garden, you too can snap up a quirky piece of your own.

There are a number of shops in the Hatton Garden area that specialise in contemporary jewellery and personalised jewellery design. For more information about purchasing or helping to design a piece of jewellery that will help you stand out from the crowd, visit our directory or pay them a visit today!

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