Charity auction to raise funds for Hatton Garden jewellery school

Coutts Beautiful BoxesA number of jewellery designers have added their own personal flair to some decorative jewellery boxes to raise money for a local Hatton Garden jewellery school.

Big names including Annoushka, Monica Vinader, Paul Smith, and Elizabeth Gage have customised the boxes to be sold as part of a special eBay auction, with the proceeds being donated to Holts Academy of Jewellery, a centre in Hatton Garden which trains jewellery apprentices, as well as The Prince’s Foundation for Children and the Arts.

The project, known as Coutts Beautiful Boxes, was announced on February 18th by private wealth management service Coutts as a fundraising initiative for these creative programmes. Michael Morley, chief executive of Coutts & Co, explained: “Coutts has a long history of championing the creative industries … this campaign was launched as a fundraising project that would champion the best of British design excellence today, whilst harnessing the artistic talent of future generations.

Lee Lucas, director of Holts Academy, also commented on the opportunity: “The Coutts Beautiful Boxes project is the perfect collaboration for us. It both inspires our apprentices and students to reach new heights in their design skills, as well as celebrate the best of ‘Made in Britain’. The jewellery boxes I have seen so far are beautiful, capture one’s imagination and most importantly of all are bringing together the greatest designers with the future blood of the jewellery industry.”

The boxes will go on sale for 10 day, from March 14th onwards. Search for “Coutts Beautiful Boxes” on eBay to bag your favourite design.

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The different colours of gold

yellow_white_and_rose_gold_diamond_ringsGold is one of those classic precious metals that is used in different types of jewellery across the globe, but what many people don’t realise is that is comes in many different styles and colours. Here are just a few of the more common shades of gold – which one will your next piece of jewellery be made from?

Yellow gold

Yellow gold is the classic, radiant golden hue, and has the highest percentage of pure gold compared to the other coloured forms. Yellow gold is both traditional and stylish, so it’s ideal for anyone who wants their jewellery to have a classic yet contemporary feel.

White gold

White gold is the second most popular incarnation of the metal, and has grown steadily in popularity over the last few decades. The bright white shade of white gold gives it a truly modern finish, similar to silver or platinum, so it’s perfect for fashion forward jewellery fans with a taste for new styles.

Rose gold

Rose gold is a more unique, unusual type of gold – it has a flirty, feminine, pale pink hue reminiscent of the flower it was named after. Rose gold is often used to give jewellery an elegant vintage look, so it’s the metal for you if you lust after the jewellery of days gone by.

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Famous film jewellery


Breakfast at Tiffany’s: The pearl necklace

One of the most exciting parts of seeing a new film is taking in the spectacle and splendour of the costume design – particularly when it comes to the jewellery. Here are a few of our favourite pieces from movies past and present.

Titanic: The Heart of the Ocean necklace 

The Heart of the Ocean necklace was an integral part of the plot for the film Titanic, and it frequently tops the lists of the most beautiful pieces of film jewellery ever made. It was created by London based jewellers Asprey and Garrad, who used a blue cubic zirconium stone set in luxurious white gold. This gorgeous necklace sparkles around Kate Winslet’s neck throughout many of the film’s key scenes.

Pretty Woman: The diamond and ruby necklace

The diamond and ruby necklace that Richard Gere gives to Julia Roberts when she’s all glammed up in that red dress is one that we’ll all remember forever. With a stunning array of red and white gemstones and a classic, regal style, it set off her outfit to perfection and represented a turning point for both the character and her styling.

Breakfast at Tiffany’s: The pearl necklace

Audrey Hepburn’s multi-stranded pearl necklace must be one of the most iconic pieces of movie jewellery ever – it set the standard for pearls as a go to vintage item, and defined Hepburn as a style icon; a reputation which still holds to this day.

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Jewellery superstitions

sposa-allo-specchioThere are superstitions in the world related to almost everything – ladders, black cats, rainbows, mirrors – so of course there are also plenty of superstitions about the wearing and owning of jewellery. Whether you’re a superstitious soul or something of a cynic, these old wives tales are still worth a read…

Don’t wear pearls on your wedding day

Pearls are often said to be symbolic of tears, and so if they are incorporated into bridal jewellery, they are said to represent all of the future tears that the bride will cry in her unhappy marriage. Diamonds are said to be a safer option, but not if you believe this next superstition…

Don’t wear a birthstone that isn’t yours

Wearing a birthstone that doesn’t belong to your birth month has long been thought to bring on bad luck. Seeing as diamond (April’s birthstone) is one of the most popular gems and worn by almost everyone at some point, it seems that modern society doesn’t believe in this myth. However, if you’re a big believer and want to know what your birthstone is, check out Parts 1 and 2 of the Hatton Garden guide to birthstones and ensure that you don’t bring on bad luck accidentally!

Don’t wear any other ring on your wedding ring finger

According to legend, if you wear a band that isn’t an engagement or wedding ring on your fourth finger on your left hand, you won’t ever be asked to marry. This is another superstition that most people choose to ignore nowadays, but if you’re a cautious bride you may want to adhere to the rule!

Wearing silver earrings protects you from evil

Silver is known to have protective and healing powers, and many people believe that wearing silver earrings keeps bad spirits out of your body by preventing them from entering the orifice. Whilst no superstition can truly be proven, it can’t hurt to invest in a pair of silver studs…

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The London School of Attraction


Image courtesy of The London School of Attraction

Are you working on your charm offensive in time for Valentine’s Day? If so, Hatton Garden may be the place to head! The London School of Attraction opened at 88-90 Hatton Garden in 2010, and is still going strong three years later.

The school was set up by co-directors Doug and Alex, and is designed to help both men and women improve their confidence with the opposite sex. The tutors are able offer advice on everything from online dating to making the first move, and their success rate, a figure calculated on customer feedback, is an impressive 70%.

The London School of Attraction also offers more specialised programmes, like their Course for Companies, which translates the skills of attraction into the business world to help improve rapport, lead generation and sales. Whilst the tools learned at the school are primarily targeted at romance, the confidence and conversation skills that they foster can be transferred to build positive relationships in all other aspects of everyday life.

So if you’re ready for love but need a helping hand to find it, why not hop on a tube to Hatton Garden and pay the London School of Attraction a visit?

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