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The meaning of eternity rings

Eternity rings bought at Madison who know the true meaning of eternity rings, or also known as infinity rings is the beautiful symbol of love they give. Madison’s rings are comprised of precious metals with a continuous line of Identically cut gemstones (typically diamond and gold) to symbolise the never-ending line of your love. Typically worn on the third finger of the left hand, often alongside engagement rings, these striking ornaments are sure to catch the eyes of any onlookers, showing them the undying love, you have for your partner and they have for you.

Eternity rings are given to loved ones

With a history dating back to over 4000 years ago, eternity rings are truly time-tested. Traditionally they’re given as an anniversary gift, to mark an important milestone in your relationship. Originating in ancient Egypt, eternity rings were given to loved ones, simply as tokens of love rather than to commemorate specific occasions. They also carried the meaning of life as well as love today perhaps that transfers into life with your loved one and how much it means to you. Some of the earliest examples are of snakes devouring their own tails, a common symbol of eternity throughout the ancient world, known as “Ouroboros”. As a result of this, many eternity rings that you can find today feature Ouroboros in some way or another.

Questions about eternity rings

Madison offers a wide range of eternity rings to give you a truly unique eternity ring, whether that be due to the pattern or the material, the themes or the structure of the ring itself. You can be sure that the rings you can find here really display that affection you feel for your loved one. From silver to gold, emerald to ruby to diamond eternity rings we are sure that we have the right ring for you. If not that we can help you find and design your eternity ring. Our expert team are on hand to answer any more questions you have about eternity rings, simply use the contact us page or visit Madison in our showroom at Hatton Garden, London.