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An exquisite collection of eternity rings

Exquisite collection of gold eternity rings for life’s most precious occasions. Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, wedding anniversary or welcoming your first child into the world, our talented Hatton Garden jewellers produce each eternity ring by hand to your exact requirements. 

Platinum eternity rings

Rennie & Co’s platinum eternity rings are born out of a collaboration between Gemmologist, Designer and Goldsmith. For many, the journey begins with the selection of a beautiful diamond engagement ring from our Hatton Garden showroom. After the wedding date has been set, couples return to choose the perfect wedding bands – will it be a classical or contemporary ring that you wear? You’ll find a beautiful selection of diamond eternity rings in our Hatton Garden store when you’re ready to add another sparkling piece to your existing collection!  

Cherished eternity rings

Comfortably appointed; visitors are able to relax in the contemporary surroundings that echo the quality and uniqueness of the jewellery on offer. Away from the melee of the street, our friendly jewellery consultants will answer any questions that you may have, including the all-important finger size. Our business ethos revolves around the excellence of quality and service. As such, our pieces are destined to become cherished heirlooms rather than being consigned to the scrap pot after a few years of wear.

Renowned bespoke eternity rings

Eternity rings are commonly produced in either half or full diamond set ring variations, speak to a member of the team to see which would best suit you! We are renowned for our bespoke jewellery service, which many clients take full advantage of to create a truly unique eternity ring. The Rennie family has been linked to the jewellery trade since the 1950s, a wealth of experience awaits. Enjoy the experience that is conception to reality, with the help of your very own jeweller. We are able to source beautiful diamonds and luxurious coloured gemstones for your viewing before committing to your important purchase.  

Open seven days a week, Rennie & Co jewellers is a must if you are looking for a stunning eternity ring in Hatton Garden. Don’t just take our word for it though, check out what our customers have had to say about us on TripAdvisor!