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An eternity ring signifies love

Eternity rings are the ultimate symbol of a love that is everlasting in a shape that represents the infinity of a circle. An eternity ring is given to a person to signify love, friendship or to celebrate a milestone in a marriage or a special occasion. It is a ring that can hold memories forever for eternity.

Origins of eternity rings

The concept of gifting an eternity ring dates back 4,000 years to Ancient Egypt. It is usually set as an unbroken circle of identically cut diamonds. A husband will gift an eternity ring when a couple has reached a milestone anniversary, typically after 10 years of marriage or after the birth of their first child. For many, an eternity ring not only signifies the current bond between two people and the time spent together but also the time yet to come. It is usually worn on the fourth finger of the left hand, to sit neatly between the engagement ring and wedding ring. Some women choose not to wear it on the same finger and opt to wear it on the equivalent finger on the right hand.

Choosing the best eternity ring

There are several factors to consider when choosing the perfect eternity ring for your loved one. The Shining Diamonds collection has been carefully selected to appeal to all tastes. Our designs include half eternity rings, 60% off eternity rings, full eternity rings, and gemstone eternity rings. 

Full eternity ring

You can opt for a design unique to your partner and your love. Whether you want a full eternity ring set with diamonds or gemstones or diamonds covering the ring or a half eternity that covers just the top half of the ring, we can make it for you. Our Hatton Garden workshop can create bespoke eternity rings that will sparkle on her finger for a lifetime. With an engraving service also offered, you can carve a message that will never leave her.

To purchase your perfect eternity ring, visit Hatton Garden jewellers Shining Diamonds in store or buy online today.