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88-90 HATTON GARDEN, LONDON, EC1N 8PN Monday to Friday 10am to 5.30pm. Saturday 10am to 5.30pm

A great place to sell your jewellery

Sell your unwanted jewellery in Hatton Garden, Paris jewels is in the heart of London’s jewellery quarter, making it a great place to sell your jewellery. The vast amount of shops need a constant supply of jewellery to help fill out their stock and it’s a busy market to help drive up the prices of your second-hand jewellery. Paris Jewels is a little different, being one of the best places in London, let alone Hatton Garden, to sell your jewellery. Paris Jewels is a family owned and run business, so they understand that to let go of jewellery is an emotional process, which is why they always offer a good, honest price for all the jewellery that’s brought to them.

Purchase all manner of items

Another benefit of being a family run jewellery business is that they don’t exist to make huge profit margins and so the selling price won’t be far from the price they pay you, they are fair to all their customers. Paris Jewels prides itself on giving the customer a stress-free experience when it comes to negotiating both the purchase and sale of jewellery. Paris Jewels purchase all manner of items, from rings, bracelets, watches, earrings and necklaces to hairpins, brooches, amulets and much more. Trading your jewellery for cash has never been easier.

great price for your pieces

After you’ve gotten a great price for your watches and engagement rings at Paris Jewels, and having gone on your way, it’s nice to know that your jewellery is going to a good home and will be enjoyed for years to come. Not only that, but you’ll know you’re helping one of the best jewellers in Hatton Garden stay competitive in a really demanding jewellery market. Although Paris Jewels are located in London’s best-known jewellery district, Hatton Garden, they are willing to purchase items from vendors all around the UK. Feel free to stop by anytime, or simply book an appointment via telephone.