Jewellery advertising opportunities

The Hatton Garden online business directory

Do you have a jewellery business or jewellery event you would like to promote in Hatton Garden. The Hatton Garden Online Business Directory advertises your business directly to customers looking to buy goods in the area – especially jewellery and services.

Each and every one of our visitors are searching exclusively for jewellery businesses in Hatton Garden. By advertising with us, you will have a unique opportunity to target a captive audience looking for anything related to the jewellery trade.

Choose from different banner formats (all standard sizes from the Interactive Advertising Bureau):

Premium Banner Advertisement on the Hatton Garden Website

Feature Banners will appear on every page, of this website and positions are as follow:

    • On the homepage, the feature banners are located at the top of the page under the logo and main menu.
    • On mobile devices, the feature banners are in rotational format and also located at the top of the page under the logo and main menu. 
    • On other pages such as individual pages and listing, the future banners are located before the footer.
    •  On the blog pages, the feature banners are located at the right in the sidebar on the computer and below the articles in responsive mode 

 Our premium banner is a double-sided rotational and the size is 400 x 400.

Our Premium banners are seen by every visitor, letting potential customers know about the services and products that your company has to offer and convince the customer that they should click on your banner.

Banner links are normally directed to your website or another link of preference, according to your marketing strategy.

Plans Available

  • 1 year plan
  • 6 months plan

*Consult our Marketing department for more details and prices

Premium banner size

Banner Advertisement on the Blog Area of Hatton Garden Website

  • Banners will appear in the blog area. The position of the banners are located at the sidebar on the right of the page and on mobile devices at the end of the article.

    Blog banner dimensions:

    • Banner on the sidebar of the blog area Skyscraper size 300×600
    • Banner on the sidebar of the blog area Medium size 300×300

    Our Blog’s banners are seen by hundreds of visitor every month, generating a great opportunity to let potential customers see your brand or services, with a backlink embed on the banner ready to maximise your marketing strategy.

Blog Banner Plans Available

  • 1 year plan

*Consult our Marketing department for more details and prices

Skyscraper Ad size 300x600

Sponsored Blog Post

Build brand awareness with up to 2 promotional links with anchor text pointing to your web-page or any other link to benefits you marketing funnel. This is good practice for SEO service and lead generation to improve webpage ranking and develop relationships with potential and existing customers!

Get in contact with our advertisement specialists for prices for banners and blog.

Plans Available

  • The article will be publish and hosted permanently
  • The article will be re-distribute in all our social channels to maximise indexation from search engines and generate readers and by default leads.

*Consult our Marketing department for more details and prices

Sponsored Blog Post

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