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Bespoke engagement ring designer

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Antique jewellery is becoming an increasingly popular choice for people looking for that special piece that is not only unique, but carries with it a sense of history and timeless design.

Antique-look, Bespoke Design

At Simon Wright jewellery, we partner with our clients to create custom-designed jewellery, from engagement rings to stunning earrings and necklaces, that has a classic vintage look, but is designed from scratch to meet their exact specifications.

Whether it’s a classically elegant Victorian-style pair of diamond drop-earrings, or the geometric boldness of an art deco engagement ring, we will work with you from the initial sketches right through to printing a 3D model of your design, to make sure that you walk away with a piece of jewellery that is unmistakably unique.

Incorporating Your Heirlooms

Many of our clients bring an heirloom piece to us that isn’t suitable for them, but that they would love to incorporate into a new design. We love repurposing our clients’ special stones and items of jewellery to breathe new life into them, while retaining that all-important story from generations past.

Beautiful Rare & Coloured Stones

When we use new stones, we select only the finest diamonds and gemstones, including rare, fancy coloured stones that make your antique-style jewellery truly stand out from the crowd.

If you love vintage styles but would like your jewellery to be truly customized to you, make an appointment today.