No watches and heels for hairdressers could soon dampen their glamorous image. High heels, watches and rings could be all banned from the workplace under new EU health and safety proposals. Stilettos and slingbacks will need to be replaced with sensible shoes with non-slip soles. Whereas jewellery has been noted as unhygienic, and therefore will be deemed unsuitable for wear in the salon entirely.



The new law will impose strict regulations within the industry. Not only with regards to personal appearance, but also to the structure of the working day. Under these proposals, hairdressers will be encouraged to engage in regular ‘social dialogue’. Seen by many as a licence to gossip in order to aid ‘mental wellbeing’. They will also be advised to avoid completing too many haircuts in one day. Cutting their workload and potentially their income, in order to avoid ‘emotional collapses’.

However, in a somewhat ironic twist. The proposal does not take into consideration the emotional effects of having to remove a particularly personal item of jewellery. Such as an heirloom watch, or engagement or wedding rings. Traditional symbols of eternal devotion, wedding rings are not just an external representation of marital status. The sentiment behind this status is the love between two partners. If asked to take off such a personal accessory, many hairdressers may feel bereft, upset, or even physically uncomfortable. Especially if the wedding ring has been on their finger for many years.

As Employment Minister Chris Grayling states, ‘we should be creating jobs, not killing them’. These rigid new changes may cause some hairdressers to think twice about a career in hairdressing. Which does not allow them to wear such sentimental items of jewellery.

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Tags: Chris Grayling, engagement rings, jewellery, watches, wedding rings
Date: 21 May 2012
Author: flabio5

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