Robert Glenn Limited

Bespoke jewellery designers

32-34 Greville Street, Hatton Garden LONDON EC1N 8TB Monday to Friday only.

Jewellery consultation

Robert Glenn’s jewellery consultation gives clients the choice between a wide range of existing designs or a bespoke approach, expertly tailored to individual requirements. All designs are realised using state-of-the-art computer-aided design, 3D printing and time-honoured craft techniques.

All processes (bar diamond cutting, always best left to the experts in places like Antwerp) remain in-house. Robert Glenn is one of the few remaining jewellers in London that still offers a full service under one roof. This means Robert Glenn can craft the latest styles of setting, whether micro pave or Castillian (which are very popular), to old fashioned bezel setting.

Stones and precious metals

There’s no limit to the techniques, stones and precious metals Robert Glenn are able to use. Robert Glenn will help a client select the right stone (diamond or otherwise) to suit any budget, big or small. The selection of a stone “ especially it’s cut “ often provides the inspiration for the design: a case of one craft informing another.

Jewellery craftspeople

What’s more, all the jewellery craftspeople at Robert Glenn have learnt from the best teachers in Europe, perfecting their art through years of dedication. This eye for detail is applied to everything Robert Glenn does.

Robert Glenn is very proud of all its jewellery. And nothing leaves the building unless it is finished to the highest standard, a standard higher than any other in the market place.