London bespoke jewellers Blackacre 

High quality engagement rings and jewellery can often be hard to find however a new brand of private jewellers is seeking to address this issue. Bespoke jewellery makers Blackacre offers a touch of class, nestled in a discrete yet prestigious Hatton Garden jewellery workshop.

Sapphire cluster engagement ring
Green Chrome Tourmaline ring
Emerald cut engagement ring

A new brand of luxury jewellery

CEO and Founder Samuel Stirrat described to us how his company was seeking to create a new brand of luxury jewellery that focuses on client experiences. Blackacre offers its clients an opportunity to be part of the creation journey allowing them to purchase exceptionally high-quality jewellery directly from the workshop. 

Education rather than sales

Luxury bespoke engagement rings and jewellery remain as desirable as ever with the average price of an engagement ring increasing globally year on year. However, consumer awareness has also increased with this, expectations are higher than ever and affluent jewellery clients are seeking to get closer to the source. Blackacre has embodied this trend with education forming an integral part of the client experience.

World leading jewellery workshop  

Despite the workshops location in the heart of Hatton Garden the brand is seeking to compete with the luxury jewellery houses on New and Old Bond Street. The major difference being they are replacing a glossy retail space with an authentic experience away from the high street. This authentic and behind the scenes experience led model with purchases being made at the source of creation means they are able to offer high quality jewellery at a fair price.

Sustainable and responsibly sourced gemstones

With regular trips to Sri Lanka the company has formed a close relationship with a number of artisan small mines (ASMs). They are consequently able to source gemstones directly from the mine offering increased transparency and provenance. Focused on sustainable and more environmentally friendly non-mechanised practices this no doubt makes great appeal to those searching for an ethical gemstone engagement ring.

Professional jewellery service 

A Chartered Accountant himself Samuel is all too familiar with the professional jewellery service their clients expect and are accustomed to in their professional working lives. Samuel handles all client relationships to ensure nothing but a flawless service is provided.

Referrals are the best form of marketing

Compared to many of its competitors Blackacre is spending a small fraction on marketing. Instead they have focused on exceptional client service and quality of product to let their clients be their brand ambassadors and greatest marketeers. With such a high-risk marketing strategy it is no wonder they seek to deliver nothing other than the best for their clients.

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Bespoke jewellery is the perfect present ff you’re looking to give something extra special to the one you love this Christmas. Today, we’re going to look at how easy it is to design your own bespoke jewellery, how much bespoke jewellery costs, and how to find a jeweller to help you design that special piece for your loved one.

How long does it take to make a piece of bespoke jewellery?

This very much depends on the complexity of the piece you want to design, it can be from as little as two weeks to 8 weeks if you are sourcing specialised gemstones or very specific materials. Usually it is a good idea to allow two to four weeks from start to finish.

How much does is cost to make bespoke jewellery?

Bespoke jewellery commissions depend completely on the materials used, so the price is hard to determine. It’s normally cheaper than you might think, but it depends on the quality and size of any gemstones used. If you are after just a simple engraving, these can be done at a high standard quite cheaply, but if it is a completely bespoke design, it will be more costly. You can get a good estimate by looking at some of the loose diamonds available, and searching around for mounts or necklaces, and then expect to pay labour costs on top.

What type of jewellery can I create?

The sky’s the limit as they say, and it’s very true when it comes to bespoke jewellery. The most popular gifts are often bespoke necklaces, bracelets and rings, but the actual design possibilities are endless.

How simple is it to create bespoke jewellery?

Creating bespoke jewellery is easier than you might think, and any reputable jewellers will be able to lightly guide you through the process. Usually, you start with a few ideas about what you would like, and maybe gather some images to inspire your design. You could search popular social networks like Instagram for inspiration, and either print off the images or bookmark them online. This is a great starting point to begin to get an idea about the final piece of jewellery, and it’s the only step you really need to do on your own. You can even try to get some subtle hints from your loved ones to add in to the mix!

From here you’ll want to find a jeweller you trust to take your inspiration to. They will take your inspirations and ideas and start to sketch a design to get an idea of the eventual design. You can tell them what you like about each specific piece, and you’ll come to an idea about what you want from the final piece. Specialist jewellers such as Hatton Jewels have a long history of providing this service, and years of experience helping people, so they’ll easily be able to draw out a design you’re both happy with.

From there, if needed, a jeweller will make a computer designed 3D image of your piece. This is usually done quite quickly, and it’s to get the exact measurements and complete final design of the piece before it goes into manufacture. Once you’ve approved it, the jeweller will set about making your piece.

Bespoke jewellery in Hatton Garden

If you are looking for bespoke jewellery in London’s Hatton Garden, just check our listings page to find all the jewellers that offer bespoke jewellery design.

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Bespoke wedding rings

Investing in a custom-made wedding ring makes you wedding even more memorable. Your wedding bands are a symbol of your eternal love to each other. Ovadia jewellery are an independent creative jewellery shop in Hatton Garden London. We offer you a opportunity to create your own wedding ring design and make your custom wedding rings for your special day. Your wedding rings are sculpted by three master craftsmen with over 30 years’ experience in making bespoke jewellery. The wedding rings are tailored to perfection, allowing them to fit with your engagement ring. Ovadia’s bespoke section allows you to commission your own rings crafted to your likeness. We believe wedding rings should be unique, just like your vows.  Our in-house bespoke jewellers will walk you through the entire process. You are able to see your rings come to life from just being ideas to luxury ring you will adore.

personalised bespoke wedding ring

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water jet cutting machineWater jet cutting or laser cutting is not as simple as you think. Both have their benefits depending on the type of material you are working with. Choosing between laser cutting and Water jet cutting would therefore depend on your specification and the project in hand. At Laser Engraving Service, we have put together this journal entry to give you the knowledge to make informed decisions on your project. We will be exploring the different processes of C02 and Water jet cutting.  Read more

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sapphire and gold bird broochBrilliant Cut and Baguette Diamond EarringsDiamond, Sapphire and Emerald Bee Broochsapphire and ruby sweetheart ring







Best place to buy jewellery in Hatton Garden’s jewellery Quarter. An area of London with hundreds of skilled jewellery craftsmen working in one road. They have been serving the jewellery industry and public for hundreds of years. With potentially over 1000 jewellery trades persons who all work in Hatton Garden, from shops to workshops and offices. When you visit Hatton Garden you will first see a glorious spectacle of fine jewellery. There are more the 50 shops displaying some of the best jewellery you have ever seen in their windows. The retail shops have ready made jewellery for sale and have knowledgeable staff to help you when choosing your jewellery. Read more

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