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Engraving jewellery can give it an additional, personal touch to make the piece even more special. However, if you’ve decided to get your favourite item of jewellery engraved, there are a few things you should double check first. Enough space … Read more

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Signet rings are ornamental rings, usually worn by men, which are engraved with a personal design or seal. Each individual ring is instilled with the heritage of the wearer, and those who wore the piece before them. Signet rings are … Read more

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When you’ve got a favourite piece of jewellery, you probably feel like you never want to take it off! However, there are times when it is advisable to remove your jewellery to keep it in the best possible condition and … Read more

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Everyone knows this old rhyme, but most people don’t know the meaning behind it! It originated in Victorian times, and each aspect of the poem represents a good luck token for the bride to be. Something old “Something old” was … Read more

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Whether it’s an impulse buy that you’ve only worn a couple of times, a trendy piece from the past which hasn’t dated well, or a gift that didn’t delight, most people have jewellery in their collections that they have fallen … Read more

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