Engagement rings – three stone ring guide

Three Stone Engagement Rings

What are they and why are they the perfect choice for you? When choosing the perfect diamond engagement ring, it’s important to choose a classic style that also adds individual flair to the design. These days, it can be very daunting to find a piece of jewellery that you love. However, it can also be very exciting. Diamond Heaven have a varied plethora of engagement rings to choose from. For something elegant and unique, three stone engagement rings are the best option for you.

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Men’s wedding band guide

Wedding ring budget

Guide to Men’s Wedding Bands

Choosing a men’s wedding band is not easy. It is a must to find a wedding ring that you will want to wear for eternity that also expresses you as a person. This guide can help you choose the perfect wedding ring style for men so you can show it off and live happily ever after. It isn’t cheap getting married, which is why deciding your budget from the start is important. This is especially important when coming to choose your wedding rings. You can either have a wedding rings in a pair and have similar styles, or have different ones if you prefer. We always advise that you add 10% to your budget to cover all costs.

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Engagement ring – deciding the carat

right carat for your diamond engagement ring
The right carat for your diamond engagement ring











If you are planning on getting engaged but not sure what the right carat for your diamond engagement ring should be, then this is the guide for you!

When planning on popping the question, there is a lot to think about in creating the perfect engagement. You’ll be considering how much should you spend on an engagement ring, thinking about locations to propose and which precious metal you should choose. A common question we get at Diamond Heaven is: how many carats should an engagement ring be.

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Eternity ring guide

What is an eternity ring

What is an eternity ring. It is gifted by a significant other when a couple reaches a milestone anniversary or life changing occasion. Infinity rings are made up of a precious metal set with a line of diamonds identically cut or precious gemstones.

A Guide to Eternity Rings
An eternity ring is given by a loved one





Eternity rings history

Egyptian myth suggests the band is based on the symbol Ouroboros. This looked like a snake or lizard that swallowed its own tail to form a circle. The first example of an Ouroboros appeared on the Tomb of Tutankhamun in 14th Century BC. They can also be traced back to a Tibetan buddhist endless knot. The Infinity symbol was created by mathematician John Wallis in 1655.

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What to buy the jewellery obsessed person

What to buy the jewellery obsessed

What to buy the jewellery obsessed person. We all have that one friend who seems to have every piece of jewellery covered. Maybe your partner has a jewellery box that is overflowing with options for all occasions. So if you’re stuck on what to buy them, we’re going to share some of our favourite but more unusual and rare pieces of jewellery. They may not have come up on their Pinterest board, but deserve a spot in any jewellery aficionados collection. From  vintage engagement rings, to sweetheart rings and unique brooches.

   Sapphire and ruby sweetheart ring

diamond and sapphire brooch

sapphire and gold bird brooch

onyx and diamond dress ring

emerald and gold ring

platinum and diamond earrings

gold and ruby ring













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