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3 things to do when you get engaged to your partner

Engagement-ring-superstitionsCongratulations! If you’ve arrived on this page you’ve probably just got engaged – you’re overjoyed, overwhelmed, and completely at a loss over where to begin your wedding preparations! Don’t panic – the jewellery experts of Hatton Garden are here to help. Here are 3 key things to do when you first get engaged…

Call your relatives

You’ve probably already told your immediate family, but now is the time to make those calls to relatives you might not have spoken to for a while. Don’t worry about how long it’s been since you were last in contact – if you want them at the wedding, now is the time to tell them, and they’ll be thrilled to hear your news regardless of the date of your last call.

Get a manicure

One of the first things that everybody will ask you after you make your announcement is “can I see the ring?” Show your band off to its best advantage by investing in a manicure, or at least giving your nails a good at-home polish.

Resize and insure your engagement ring

You’re going to be wearing your engagement band for a lifetime – so take care of it from the moment you slip it onto your finger! Visit your jeweller to get the ring perfectly sized to your finger, reducing your risk of loss or damage, and get a valuation so that you can ensure it if the worst should happen. This added protection should give you complete peace of mind, so the only thing you have to worry about now is planning your wedding!

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