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7 Common Jewellery Myths Busted

Aquamarine-ring-HoltsLondonFor some reason people get all tied up in knots when it comes to wearing jewellery.  In truth the only rule you need to remember is – there are no rules.  Hatton Garden bespoke jeweller and gemstone retailer Holts London asked Personal Stylist Melissa Lund to dispel 7 common myths about jewellery. Read her seven major misconceptions below:

1.              When am I going to wear it?
You don’t need a special occasion to wear fine jewellery.  There’s nothing more stylish than flinging on your boldest, blingiest pieces with jeans and a plain white t-shirt.   You see, it’s all about the contrast.

2.              Should I choose yellow gold or white metal?
In general, warmer skin tones look great in gold and cooler skin tones look wonderful in white metal.  In reality most skin tones look fine in both so choose whatever you prefer and remember that you’ll need to be guided by trim on buttons on the clothes you’re wearing. Certain coloured stones have a natural affinity with yellow gold and others sit better with white so this may also influence your choice.

3.            I have to stick to gold or silver
Mixing metals is very chic and can look wonderful – white, yellow and rose gold are often combined in fine jewellery designs.

4. I have a small frame so I need small jewellery
Elizabeth Taylor said “Big girls need big diamonds….” but I reckon small ones do, too.  It’s true that jewellery needs to work with the wearer’s scale but shoulder and cheekbone width are a better indication of the size of jewellery you should choose rather than your frame size, which is always judged by the size of your wrist.

5.            Jewellery should match
It’s more stylish to wear pieces that don’t match – just make sure things are moving in the same direction.

6.            Real jewellery and costume shouldn’t be worn together
If it was good enough for Coco Chanel it’s good enough for the rest of us…nuff said.

7.            Diamonds for day are vulgar
Eh?  Whoever thought of this one?  Banish this though immediately and pass that pendant.

The over-riding message is simple – choose something fabulous and have fun!
Holts London hosted an evening of gemstone and colour advice with Personal Stylist Melissa Lund – for more jewellery styling tips watch her online video guides.

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