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A Jewellers Guide to Wedding Rings

In this guide, we’ll take you through some of the most common wedding ring designs, as well as a few of the more contemporary wedding ring trends. Read below for the Jewellers Guide to Wedding Rings.


Diamond Eternity Rings

As well as being a beautiful addition of sparkle to your engagement ring. Eternity bands carry a sweet sentiment of eternal, undying love, making them a thoughtful choice of wedding ring style (see also diamond wedding rings).

Also known as an infinity ring, an eternity band comprises a continuous line of diamonds set in a precious metal. At Queensmith, we’ll meticulously hand pick diamonds that are perfectly calibrated for size, cut and colour, to ensure the greatest consistency between stones. Whilst most people opt for diamonds in their eternity rings, the bands can look stunning with sapphires, rubies, emeralds or coloured diamonds too.

This can be a fantastic way to complement a coloured gemstone engagement ring. Eternity rings traditionally include a series of round stones, but we love the contemporary style of a Princess Cut diamond eternity band, or creating alternative shapes, such as with the Montez Round & Marquise. Whether you opt for a scalloppaverubover or channel setting, your Queensmith eternity ring will be made to last a lifetime.

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Plain Wedding Rings

For some women, a minimal look is vital, and with a simple solitaire engagement ring, a plain wedding band can be the perfect addition. At Queensmith, we see beauty in the simplicity of a plain platinum, white gold, yellow gold or rose gold wedding ring. For men and women wanting a simple wedding band with a unique edge, we love to add a satin, brushed or matte finish. For a little more intricacy, more than one finish and grooves can be given to an otherwise plain band, such as this design. This subtle addition of texture can make all the difference. 

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Contoured Wedding Rings

At Queensmith, we usually advise engagement ring designs that are ‘wed-fit’, or that allow for a wedding ring to fit flush alongside the engagement ring. There are some engagement ring designs, however, that take an unusual shape, meaning a traditional wedding band wouldn’t be the best choice.

This is where contoured wedding bands come into play. When crafting a contoured wedding band, we will take the precise measurements of your engagement ring to make sure the pair will match perfectly. A Wishbone wedding band can be a beautiful way to accentuate elongated engagement ring stones, such as pear or marquise diamonds, or simply frame a round diamond solitaire. We also love the soft curves of the Turner Pave and matching Turner Pave wedding band.

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Bespoke and unique designs

Whilst we love the beauty of traditional wedding bands, who said they had to conform to the norm? We love working with our clients to create bespoke designs, whether that be an eternity ring using a mixture of pear and round diamonds, creating a multicoloured eternity band, or playing with unique shapes. For some, a wedding ring should be just as exciting as the engagement ring – so design away! We have an in-house design team and workshop at our Hatton Garden showroom that can bring your visions to life. 

Your Wedding Ring Consultation at Queensmith

During your Queensmith consultation, one of our Wedding Ring specialists will take you through our full catalogue of designs, advising which would work best with your engagement ring and how to optimise your budget. Or, let us know if you have your own design or would like to take inspiration from somewhere else. Either way, your ring will be expertly designed, handcrafted and made to fit, for you and only you. 

Helping make educated, informed and value-for-money jewellery purchases is at the heart of what we do. Located in historic Hatton Garden, the Queensmith team of diamond experts and master jewellers have the skills, experience and creativity to help you create fine jewellery of enduring beauty, to be treasured for a lifetime. Queensmith offer an fresh and contemporary environment to create the ring you’ve always dreamed of.

Book an appointment at our Hatton Garden showroom, or visit our website for more information. 

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