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Anniversary jewellery

This guide to traditional anniversary metals and stones will help you to ensure that your loved one is thrilled with their gift, year after year.

25th anniversary – Silver
Silver anniversaries mark a quarter century of marriage, a proud moment for any couple. Silver jewellery, such as a necklace or ring, or elegant silverware, such as plates or cutlery, both make ideal gifts for this particular occasion.

30th anniversary – Pearl
Pearls are classic and timeless gems, the perfect symbol to represent three decades spent together! For ladies, a pair of pretty pearl stud earrings would be an excellent choice, whilst men could be treated to some pearl adorned cufflinks.

40th anniversary – Ruby
Dazzling red rubies always make a beautiful choice of gift, but they are particularly appropriate for a 40th wedding anniversary. A ruby pendant or set of drop earrings would be a lovely present that can be worn daily or for special occasions, depending on how decadent the recipient is feeling.

50th anniversary – Gold
A gift made from bright and cheerful yellow gold is a great way to commemorate a 50 year marriage. However, if you’re looking to surprise your other half with something a little more unique, you could consider jewellery or plating made from rose gold, which is known for its pretty but unusual pink hue.

60th anniversary – Diamond
A diamond anniversary is exceptional in today’s society – only 5.5% of couples make it to this momentous occasion, and it therefore seems fitting that the day is marked with something as precious as a diamond. A diamond encrusted eternity ring, for instance, would be the perfect present on a day as special as this, to celebrate the years gone by and denote a promise for many more to come.

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  1. delia balan says:

    i have a yellow gold cluster diamond ring with the engraving A&S and a further initilal s underneath the diamond part of the band.
    Is this none of your rings?

    • Hatton Garden says:

      if you are looking for a particular jeweller in Hatton Garden (i.e. A&S) please email that jeweller directly.
      Hope this helps.
      The Hatton-Garden.net admin team.

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