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Be bespoke – choose a rose cut diamond this winter

If you’re planning an engagement and looking for the perfect ring, it makes sense to go bespoke. You’ll be able to choose how every aspect of your ring is designed; seeing as it’s going to be on your finger forever, it’s essential that it is perfect in every way!

Rose cut diamonds

This season, nothing is hotter than the rose cut diamond. Whilst it’s less common in jewellery pieces today (which makes it all the more sought after), the cut dates from the mid-16th century, and was all the rage in the 1800s and 1900s. A rose cut diamond has a flat base, which allows jewellery designers to set the stone in a variety of different ways when designing your engagement ring. For example, a space can be left under the stone itself to allow natural light to filter through the diamond, achieving an incredible sparkle – isn’t that what we’re all looking for from a diamond ring?

The vintage appeal of a rose cut diamond combined with its contemporary, slightly chunky design have cemented its appeal to bold, unique women with a flair for the dramatic, both in London and across the globe. The best way to incorporate a rose cut diamond into your unique piece of jewellery is to choose a bespoke jewellery designer who can create your dream engagement ring for you!

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