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Care for all your Jewellery

How to look after your Jewellery

This week, we’re looking at the best ways to care for all your precious pieces of jewellery, from diamond rings to gold necklaces, we’ll show you tried and tested ways to make sure your jewellery always looks as fabulous as you, and stays protected against wear and tear. 

Jewellery is often the most special thing we own. Whether it was given to you to celebrate a special occasion or milestone, a gift from the loved one in your life or handed-down from generations above, there is every reason to look after your jewellery to ensure it still brings you a smile every time you wear it. So without further ado, here are our top tips for taking care of your jewellery.

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Worry+Peace | Engagement ring insurance

Insurance. It’s not the most exciting word, but I beg to differ. Insurance unleashes life, without it we wouldn’t be able to take the risks we do to make our own lives worth living. Getting married is no different!You might not have considered it yet, but that rock on the precious metal is not only one of the most valuable assets you and your partner will ever own, it’s also the one with the most sentimental value.If you’re not insuring it somewhere, you’ll be thinking about it soon. Believe it or not, rings can be insured for any amount – from the most affordable ranges right up to £80,000 rings with 6.75-carat rocks!

You have two options. An affordable, flexible stand-alone engagement ring insurance stand-alone product, or your current home insurance.

Home insurance is great for the standard risks – we would encourage anyone with a decent chunk of contents to have it! It’s great for “perils” like fires or thefts from your home, but when it comes to high-value items you want to insure anywhere, anytime – it can fail to offer a suitable cover at a price that works for you!

Standard home insurance may apply limitations on the amount of cover you can have for ring insurance. We can offer up to £40,000 online, and you can check out in seconds… Anonymously, too!

Stand-alone covers are basically mini home insurances, offering refined coverage for specific, specialist items – backed by insurers who also specialise in the items. Let’s say you also wanted to make a claim? A stand-alone jewellery insurance policy shouldn’t effect your home insurance price if you need to claim on it.

Our product also has some neat extras. We’ll guarantee every customer who hasn’t claimed a 15% No Claims Discount when they renew. We’ll also Price Match any other quote you find, if your ring is worth more than £10,000. Plus, there’s more! If you buy our product and find a cheaper option within 14-days, we’ll pay you the difference up to £100!

Oh, and every single product you need after your first purchase, you get 10% cashback. Boom.

In summary. Alongside your home insurance, you can get a specialist policy custom-made for your most precious asset. Whilst we’re confident our product is competitively priced, with a broad amount of cover – we’d always encourage you to shop around and check your home insurance to get the right deal for your budget and risk appetite.

Every customer that visits Worry+Peace for Engagement ring insurance, gets our FREE app, Pouch, as standard. You can manage any insurance on that, too.

In the World of insurance, it doesn’t get simpler or better than that, right?

James is the Founder of Worry+Peace, which also owns Insurance4everyone – a site set up to specialise in Engagement Ring Insurance.

Want 10% Cashback from Worry+Peace for their Engagement Ring Insurance?

Call: 0330 880 8326 .

Use Code: HATTON10

Hatton Jewels, Jewellers of Excellence by appointment only

Appointment only jeweller

Jewellers of Excellence, an appointment-only jewellery boutique. Nestled in a beautiful mews street off the main strip of jewellers in Hatton Garden. We have been providing customers with bespoke, vintage and antique engagement rings since 2007. With over 100 years combined experience, the expert GIA certified team are incredibly passionate about jewellery. We strive to deliver an exceptional customer experience.

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The Rarest and Most Exclusive of Christmas Gift Ideas

If money is no object and you are having trouble thinking of the ultimate Christmas gift, look no further than our suggestions- each cherry picked for their extraordinary and rare qualities.

The rarest of natural and unenhanced gemstones: Golconda diamonds, Kashmir sapphires, Pigeon’s Blood rubies or Colombian emeralds- these natural wonders are the epitome of each gemstone, famed and treasured the world over for their intense colour and extreme scarcity.
Antique or vintage signed jewellery, meticulously made by hand by the finest and most distinguished of jewellery houses such as Bulgari, Cartier and Tiffany. These period pieces of jewellery are unparalleled in their design and creativity and set with some of the finest of gemstones.

A statement piece of jewellery such as a tiara, pendant brooch, fringe necklace or stunning bracelet would be an outstanding and desirable gift. Each unique piece embodies the essence of the period and in time would become your own family heirloom.

A piece of jewellery with an illustrious history is another option. Ancient Greek and Roman intaglio rings through to exquisite Medieval rings celebrate the craftsmanship and finesse of a long gone civilisation. Own your own piece of history with these miraculous survivals.

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Star Jewellers in Hatton Garden

Star Jewellers has been established in Hatton Garden since 1999. Our staff have been employed within the jewellery industry for a combination of 60 years and included in our team is a qualified gemmologist.

We provide many professional services for our customers which include: all repairs, re-mastering, polishing/cleaning and valuations.

Cleaning. Jewellery can be cleaned at home; to some degree, mostly it will require professional cleaning. To keep your jewellery in excellent condition, we recommend that you schedule our help once a year.

Repairs. We want to help you to keep your jewellery as beautiful as the day you bought it. Wear and tear can impact on quality and security so we offer a health check and full support service.

Engraving. Sometimes what you want to say is so special that you want your loved one to be able to keep it and treasure it forever. We are able to engrave most jewellery items to add that personal touch.

Valuations. We hope no harm ever comes to your treasured possessions but it is important that the items are insured. Our experts will examine your jewellery and provide a written valuation for insurance purposes.



Our team of experienced jewellers will help with the following

1. Consultation: Firstly think about what kind of designs you like, and bring any imagery or ideas to your consultation. We will prepare any diamonds or precious gem stones for you to see at the appointment.

2. Design: We will bring the ideas to life. The design will be drawn on our 3D CAD programme. This will give you a clear idea of size, shape and the final specification of your chosen piece..

3. Creation: Once you are happy with your design, the hard work starts in our workshops. Our highly skilled jewellers spend many hours crafting and hand-finishining your jewellery so that when presented it will be love at first sight.