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A growing baby bump

growing baby bumpExpectant mother and Brazilian supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio has revealed her growing baby bump in a tasteful nude photo, as part of an ad campaign for jewellery firm Vivara. The picture was taken by acclaimed photographer Mert Marcus at the famous five-star Copacabana Palace Hotel in Rio de Janeiro, and has attracted worldwide media attention.

Ambrosio, one of the top five best paid models, already has one child; a daughter named Anja, and is expecting her second arrival, a boy, in June of this year. She has stated that pregnancy has made her more confident than ever, and perfectly happy to reveal her changing figure. She said: “A nude photoshoot was good, because pregnancy makes me much more confident. I’m proud of my body to be generating a life.”

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Diamond quarter Hatton Garden

diamond quarter High HolbornThere are many attractions surrounding the diamond quarter of Hatton Garden in Central London. High Holborn is a road in Holborn, on the southern border of Hatton Garden. It forms part of the major artery that is the A40 and offers many shopping opportunities. High Holborn starts in the west as a turn off Charing Cross Road, near St Giles Circus, and runs past the Kingsway and Southampton Row.  High Holborn becomes Holborn at its eastern junction with Gray’s Inn Road. It was originally a Roman road.

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Rising gold prices

Rising gold prices
Rising gold prices

Customers come from all over the world to purchase stunning gold jewellery in London’s diamond quarter in Hatton Garden. Like other precious metals, the rising gold price is measured by troy weight and by grams. When it is alloyed with other metals the term carat or karat is used to indicate the purity of gold present. With 24 carats being pure gold and lower ratings proportionally less.

Gold has featured extensively in the news of late due to the spectacular increase in the gold price of the precious metals on the international bullion markets. But have you ever wondered just what is gold.

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History of the wedding ring

origins of the wedding ringThe wedding ring has a long and wide spread history. For the origins of  wedding rings we need to look to the deserts of North Africa.  It was there that the ancient Egyptian civilization emerged along the fertile flood plains of the river Nile.  The Nile brought fortune and life to the Pharaoh’s people and the first wedding rings were crafted from plants growing on its’ banks. Wedding rings were made from the sedges, rushes and reeds, growing alongside the well-known papyrus along the river.

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The origin of diamonds

Searching for your perfect piece of jewellery. You can find the most extensive range of dazzling diamonds from diamond retailers in the diamond quarter of London at Hatton Garden.

Diamond mine
Diamond mine

But have you ever wondered where the dazzling diamonds that appear on the display windows in diamond shops come from.

Diamonds originate from deep within the Earth’s crust, and emerge from the pulsating pressure and high temperatures found there. Diamonds form beneath the continental crust, from pure carbon. There is dispute about exactly how diamonds are formed. The one thing that geologists and diamond users agree on is that diamonds are the hardest. One of the most valuable substances man has ever known.

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