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Create your perfect ring with CAD jewellery design

If you’re considering having an engagement ring or other special piece of jewellery designed, you may have heard the words “CAD jewellery design” crop up. You’ll find a number of jewellers in London implementing manufacturing techniques using 3D CAD technology, but what does it all mean?

What is CAD?

CAD, which stands for “computer-aided design”, allows you to view your piece in 3D before the jeweller starts creating it. This enables you to decide if there are any changes needed to the design before manufacture of your piece begins.

If you have an idea for a bespoke jewellery design but are unsure how the finished product will look, or want to see several designs in advance before making your decision, using a jeweller who offers CAD is perfect, as you’ll be able to view your designs from any angle in 3D. Once the design is approved, a wax carving of the final 3D design is created by the computer, and then from this carving a casting is made, which the jewellery will use to finish the piece.

Hatton Garden jewellers

You’ll find many jewellers in Hatton Garden utilising CAD technology, including Ivan Dvorak Jewellery, Hatton Jewels and Heming London, amongst others. So come to Hatton Garden and you could have the opportunity to see your jewellery design ideas come to life in 3D with CAD.

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