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Different cuts of natural uncut diamonds

Natural diamonds may look greasy and are not brilliant. Through a process of cutting that can include cleaving, sawing and laser cutting, a diamond will be cut into facets in order that its brilliance can show by the refraction of light. The stone will then take on the traditional characteristics of a sparkling diamond.

You can find all kinds of dazzling diamond cuts from diamond retailers in the diamond quarter of London at Hatton Garden.

The shape of a diamond can also be referred to as its “cut”.  This should not be confused with the more commonly used term of diamond cut, which describes how well the diamond has been polished from the raw material.

Here are five of the most popular cuts.

Round Brilliant – The Round Brilliant, often considered to be of ideal proportions to maximise brilliance and fire, is a popular choice for many and is the most requested diamond shape available today.


Princess  – The Princess, often considered the most popular non-round diamond, and with its beautiful brilliance and unique cut marks it out as a favourite for engagement rings.


Emerald – The Emerald, with its broad flat pane, truncated corners and step cut, stands out because of its pavilion, which is cut with rectangular facets to create a unique optical appearance.


Pear  – The Pear Cut is a popular fancy cut and it’s also called a teardrop for its single point and rounded end.


Heart shaped diamonds – Often considered the ultimate symbol of love, the heart has a distinguished appearance and helps to make it a distinctive choice for a variety of diamond jewellery.

There are others and the friendly retailers in Hatton Garden will be willing to show you different cuts of diamonds and explain more about them when you are searching for your perfect piece of jewellery.

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3 Responses to Different cuts of natural uncut diamonds

  1. Megha says:

    Yes, people are often confused between diamond shape and cut. While, former implies overall geometrical shape or outline of polished diamond, latter means how a diamond is faceted, number of facets in polished diamond and symmetry and proportion of these facets.

  2. moses says:

    dear hatton garden, london please i have black shining stone and transperent stone i have not figured what kind of stones they really are yet. i need help on identifying these stone. please i need an urgent respond to this mail thanks.hope to hear frome you.

    • Hatton Garden says:

      Dear Moses,
      please contact the jewellers directly from the Shop Directory section of the Hatton Garden web site, they will be able to advise you or even better you could book appointment to bring the stone with you. Best wishes!