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Engagement ring FAQs

Choosing an engagement ring is a big decision – after all, you want your future wife to love the ring you choose for the rest of her life! You probably have hundreds of questions about what to buy and where to buy it, but here are some answers to the most common engagement ring queries.

What should my budget be?

There is no right or wrong amount to spend on an engagement ring. Of course, it’s nice to have the best quality ring possible, but it’s also important to be realistic about the amount you can afford to spend. You can get tasteful rings in a variety of price ranges, so set yourself a limit and start looking with your own personal budget in mind.

How do I find her ring size?

One of the best ways to find a woman’s ring size is to borrow one of her existing rings, and either take it to the jewellers with you, or trace an outline of it. You could also ask her friends, mother or sisters, as they may have shared jewellery with her and be able to give you an approximate size.

What should I look for?

The most important aspects to consider are the 4C’s – cut (the shape of the stone) colour (its hue), clarity (the amount of imperfections), and carat (how much it weighs). All of these aspects will affect the visual beauty of the ring, so ask about each element and make sure you get the best quality possible for your money.

If you’re looking for the perfect engagement ring to surprise your bride to be, Hatton Garden is the place to visit. With a range of jewellers to suit all tastes and budgets, you’re bound to find a ring that she’ll cherish forever.

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