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First smartphones, now smart jewellery

At CES 2014 in Las Vegas this week, the emphasis was firmly on wearable technology – but CSR, a UK company based in Cambridge, have taken the concept one step further than most. Their Bluetooth jewellery is not only incredibly functional, it’s stylish too.

Designer credentials

Designed in collaboration with boutique jewellery brand Cellini, the Bluetooth Smart Jewellery range features pieces which can alert the wearer to smartphone notifications, emit perfume at a set time of day or even change colour to suit the wearer’s mood!

With 72% of people surveyed by CSR insisting they needed wearable technology to look stylish, it seems the firm have filled a gap in the market, creating beautiful, cutting-edge designs which complement the wearer’s personal style.

One piece fits all

Some of the pieces on show in Las Vegas allowed the wearer the ability to alter the jewellery’s colour or brightness to match their outfit or mood, and the entire range is designed to work seamlessly with Apple technology, although some functions will also work with Android phones.

Paul Williamson of CSR commented: “We wanted to give our customers a glimpse of what they could do with this technology. The possibility for truly wearable technology devices is endless and we’re looking forward to seeing what they develop with it in the future.”

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