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Gift wrapping tips for jewellery

When you’re buying jewellery as a gift, it’s important to make sure that the outer packaging reflects the beauty of the surprise inside. Whilst most jewellers will offer this service for you, and do a beautiful job, some people prefer to make their presentation a little more personal. If you want to package and present your gift yourself, our 3 top tips will help you to ensure that it looks perfect – both inside and out.

  • Don’t get it twisted
    Think about any potential damage that could be caused to the type of jewellery you’ve chosen, and then select your packaging accordingly. Soft, silk lined pouches, for example, are a great option for smaller pieces like rings, but not for necklaces with long chains, which can get tangled. Make sure whatever storage method you use will keep the piece in peak condition.
  • Go for complementary colours
    When choosing a colour scheme, think about the item you’re putting inside – for instance, if you’re giving a piece of jewellery which contains a ruby, red outer packaging will maximise the impact and make the stone look even more stunning.
  • Store it safely
    Any item of jewellery is delicate, so it’s important to keep it away from factors like excessive heat, water and overt sun – even when it has been packaged or wrapped. Keep the present in a safe place until the moment you want to give it away.

If you still want further gift wrapping advice, pay a visit to Lynco Europe Ltd in Hatton Garden. They offer a wide array of beautiful jewellery display and presentation options, and their staff have all the expertise necessary to help you make the right choice.

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