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Guide to Men’s Wedding Bands

Choosing a men’s wedding band is not easy. It is a must to find a wedding ring that you will want to wear for eternity that also expresses you as a person. This guide can help you choose the perfect wedding ring style for men so you can show it off and live happily ever after.

Decide Your Budget

It isn’t cheap getting married, which is why deciding your budget from the start is important. This is especially important when coming to choose your wedding rings. You can either have a wedding rings in a pair and have similar styles, or have different ones if you prefer. We always advise that you add 10% to your budget to cover all costs.

Work Out Your Ring Size

Every person is different which means your fiance’s ring size is different to yours. After deciding how much you’re going to spend on wedding rings, it is now time to find out your size. This will save you from any frustrations if the ring ultimately doesn’t fit. The best way to do this is with a ring sizer which will give you your exact size.

When finding your size, you should do it when your hands are at a mild temperature. This is because heat can cause your fingers to swell up and the cold makes fingers slimmer – so you could end up with a ring that’s too small for you!

Pick Your Metal

Choosing a wedding band is one of the best parts of choosing a wedding ring. Picking the type of metal for your ring is incredible important, as it influences durability, cost, maintenance and the aesthetic of the ring. You should also choose a metal that your skin won’t react to, in case of allergies:

Platinum – This offers a metal with the whitest colour and is the rarest It is the most durable metal available and will maintain its white shine. This rarity and resilience means it is one of the more expensive metals.
White Gold – Made from a mix of yellow gold and white metal. White Gold has a similar aesthetic to platinum. In order to maintain its white shine, a gold wedding band needs to be plated with rhodium every few years.
Yellow Gold – It is the most traditional metal used in wedding bands and is soft naturally.
Silver is much cheaper and malleable than other alloys. It is the most common precious metal.
Rose Gold is a mix of gold, silver, copper and other alloys. It is one of the most popular metals at the moment.
Palladium has a dark grey shine that is hard to mimic from other metals. It is a much cheaper part of the platinum family. It is also corrosion resistant.

Guide to Men’s Wedding Bands

Guide to Men’s Wedding Bands

Men’s Wedding Ring Styles | Choose your Wedding Band Profile

Once you have the metal, ring size and budget decided, it is time to choose the perfect ring profile. There are various classic wedding profiles to pick from. Finding the right style for you will maximise your comfort. Make your choice from these styles:

Classic Court Wedding Band

The court style is one of he most common shapes available. The classic court style features rounded interiors and exteriors, giving an aesthetic of a neatly rounded ring. This style is one of the most comfortable rings to wear.

D-Shaped Wedding Ring

The second most popular ring profile holds similarities with the Classic Court profile. Containing a flat interior and rounded exterior just like the letter “D”. For those looking for a traditional style with a better fit, the D-Shape is perfect for you.

Flat Rings

For something completely different to a classic court ring, then you have to consider a flat ring. If you have an active lifestyle or have a practical job, this ring will catch on items such as machinery.

 Flat Court

The flat court ring has the exterior of a flat ring with the comfortable rounded interior of a classic court, and is a popular men’s style. This is a modern side. If you prefer a cleaner more refined finish, then this design is perfect for you.


Bevelled profiles feature flat interiors with a slightly angled exterior with two edges. If you are looking for a striking wedding band where light bounces and creates a luminous shine, then this bevelled profile is for you.


This profile showcases a curved outer surface and has a much more elegant aesthetic. The interior is exactly the same as the court profile, so your ring is guaranteed to be beautiful and comfortable.

Choose Your Ring Width

The average size of a wedding band for a man sits between 5mm-7mm. If your finger size is under 9.0, then a 6mm ring will be right for you so it doesn’t overpower your fingers. We recommend that you try different band widths to find the most comfortable that suits you.

Guide to Men’s Wedding Bands

Guide to Men’s Wedding Bands

Choose Your Style

It is becoming much more common for men’s wedding bands to be set with diamonds. Whether you want a plain, patterned, matte or polished ring a shining finish, it is up to you. Wedding bands reflect the personality of the wearer, your spouse and you as a couple.

Hatton Garden Jewellers Diamond Heaven can help you find the perfect wedding rings based on your tastes and budget. Get in touch with us today!
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