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Jewellery for animal lovers

Jewellery designer Lisa Morgan from Biggleswade in Bedfordshire made a splash in the press recently for her unique animal inspired jewellery range. Lisa, 49, has started making jewellery from the imprint of the noses of dogs and cats after she lost her beloved Hungarian Puli dog, Poppy, and didn’t have anything to remember her by.

“I had read that each dog’s nose is unique, just like a human’s fingerprint. It’s the bit you have the most relationship with – it’s rubbed up against your hand, it’s shoved in your dinner and so on,” Lisa explained – so when she got a new dog, Mabel, she used the pup’s nose made her very first silver cast imprint necklace.

Since then, Lisa’s business has taken off, and she’s been inundated with requests for her unusual animal designs. “So far we have just done dogs and cats but I was asked whether I could take an imprint of a hedgehog’s nose!” she revealed. “The end result is really special and totally unique keepsake that is instantly recognisable to the owner.”

If you’d like a piece of jewellery to honour your pet – but aren’t sold on the idea of a snout – why not pay a visit to the stores of Hatton Garden? There are a number of bespoke jewellery designers who would be happy to help you to create a memento of your furry friend that you can cherish for a lifetime.

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