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New Year’s Resolutions to keep your jewellery sparkling

happy-new-year_20132013 is fast approaching and it’s the time of year when we all make a few resolutions that we hope to keep over the next twelve months. We all have those go to vows that we make (and almost always break!) but this year, why not spare a thought for your jewellery as well? Here are some suggestions for New Year’s resolutions that will keep your jewellery sparkling for the next twelve months and beyond…

I will…take my jewellery to get professionally cleaned

If your engagement ring or wedding band has stayed staunchly on your finger for the last few years, it could be time to have it professionally cleaned – you’ll be amazed how brightly it shines afterwards! Look online to find the nearest service, but before you commit, speak to the jeweller that sold you the piece – if you still have all of your documentation, some jewellers will provide this service free of charge.

I will…invest in proper storage for my jewellery

We’re all guilty of tossing that precious necklace on the nightstand or leaving our earrings on top of the chest of drawers, but if you want your jewellery to stay in good condition, it’s time to start storing it properly. Invest in silk lined boxes or pouches for each item, and keep them stored away safely whenever it’s not in use.

I will…add to my jewellery collection!

The New Year means a new start, and for many of us, some pretty new jewellery! If you’re looking to invest in some extra sparkle to see you through the next twelve months, pay the shops of Hatton Garden a visit – you’ll be spoiled for choice!

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