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Major Jewellery & Watch Show Goes ‘Trade-Fair-Trade’

The generally shared opinion at the NEC’s five-day trade show was that visitor numbers were somewhat down compared to previous years, though optimism remains due to the success of certain developments. For certain, the feedback has been equivalent to the launching of Emozioni – indeed, Anais is probably easier for retailers to sell because this is all about marketing emotion and celebrating special occasions, areas in which jewellers excel.

Ethical Jewellery and Fair-trade were focal points of the show, with a crowded panel discussion on sourcing traceability and the launch of The Promise of Created Elegance, which presents adventurous 18ct Fairtrade gold jewellery designs forged from lab-grown diamonds in shades of rose, blue, amber and yellow. Inundated by retailers during the whole show, a spokeswoman sa id retailers were enthusiastic to discover the collection and excited to see the development of such new creations brought to market.

Wedds & Co, commented their company had also done well at the show: “We have launched an extraordinary new diamond wedding ring collection, by name “Signature ” that has been exceptionally well received by retailers, who have been pretty excited about it.” Also in fine jewellery, Mireya launched a new range, a two stone ring brand called 2BeLOVEd. They believe the two-stone ring concept could become as wide a trend as the Trilogy ring has.

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