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Michael Caine​ would gleefully star in Hatton Garden Heist movie

Sir Michael Caine​, 82,​ says he ​would ​gleefully star in a new film​ in preparation​ about the recent £14m Hatton Garden jewellery heist​,​ ​’on condition​ the script is ​sparkling​’​.

So, are we in for a new version of the well known expression, like: ‘You were only supposed to blow the ruddy (ruby) doors orff!”?​

Items in the Hatton Garden safe deposit raid included gold, diamonds and sapphires​, when  the  gang  of  ‘grand-dad’ ​burglars  drilled  their way  into  a s​ubterranean vault in London’s jewellery ​district. Three men have been found guilty of involvement in the raid, the largest burglary in British legal history. Given that a large part of the booty was recovered by a rapid and tenacious police operation, we can say that Hatton Garden remains a focal point for celebrities and the infamous alike, whilst retaining its reputation as a safe haven for collectors and investors.

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