What is an eternity ring

What is an eternity ring. It is gifted by a significant other when a couple reaches a milestone anniversary or life changing occasion. Infinity rings are made up of a precious metal set with a line of diamonds identically cut or precious gemstones.

A Guide to Eternity Rings

An eternity ring is given by a loved one





Eternity rings history

Egyptian myth suggests the band is based on the symbol Ouroboros. This looked like a snake or lizard that swallowed its own tail to form a circle. The first example of an Ouroboros appeared on the Tomb of Tutankhamun in 14th Century BC. They can also be traced back to a Tibetan buddhist endless knot. The Infinity symbol was created by mathematician John Wallis in 1655.

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What to buy the jewellery obsessed

What to buy the jewellery obsessed person. We all have that one friend who seems to have every piece of jewellery covered. Maybe your partner has a jewellery box that is overflowing with options for all occasions. So if you’re stuck on what to buy them, we’re going to share some of our favourite but more unusual and rare pieces of jewellery. They may not have come up on their Pinterest board, but deserve a spot in any jewellery aficionados collection. From  vintage engagement rings, to sweetheart rings and unique brooches.

   Sapphire and ruby sweetheart ring

diamond and sapphire brooch

sapphire and gold bird brooch

onyx and diamond dress ring

emerald and gold ring

platinum and diamond earrings

gold and ruby ring













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Recommended by a friend who had previously used us to create their bespoke jewellery solution. Dragana came to visit Max Diamonds with her own amazing 2ct asscher cut diamond, Needing help to design and make her perfect bespoke engagement ring. She wanted to create her own unique ring using her existing asscher cut diamond for the centre stone. Also to incorporating some shoulder stones that would continue and compliment the Art Deco look that an asscher diamond carries.

Bespoke CAD designer

Max Diamonds assisted Dragana to source diamonds of various different shapes. From bullet diamonds to coffin cut diamonds, this was to help in choosing the perfect look for her ring. We arranged the diamond arrays on plasticine to show how the shapes worked with each other. This enabled her to choose the right selection of stones. We narrowed these choices down to a couple of styles that the client liked. Then we used our bespoke CAD designer to create a series of CAD drawings. This was to demonstrate how the ring would start to take shape. These were then shared with the client for appraisal.

design your ring in Cad

Cad design of Engagement ring

Engagement ring Cad mould

Engagement ring Cad mould

Cad mould transformed into ring

Cad mould transformed into ring

Diamonds added to ring mould

Diamonds added to ring mould

Diamond Engagement ring finished

Diamond Engagement ring finished
















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As the temperature begins to drop and November fast approaches, it won’t be long until the Christmas preparations are in full swing. Rennie & Co’s Hatton Garden jewellers are always busy at this time of the year, Crafting beautiful jewellery pieces for a range of special occasions. Whether you’re set to propose, tie the knot, or treat your partner to a memorable Christmas gift. The time is fast approaching to make a trip to Hatton Garden.

Handcrafted eternity ring

Rennie & Co is a family run jewellers, with links to the fine jewellery trade dating back to the 1950’s. Specialise in making GIA certificated engagement rings, gold and platinum wedding bands and a wonderful selection of platinum eternity rings in Hatton Garden. An increasingly popular Christmas gift is a handcrafted eternity ring from London’s jewellery quarter.

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pear shape diamond engagement ring

pear shape tapered baguettes diamond engagement ring










For young and old alike Christmas is a magical time. A time for a perfect proposal for Christmas and a wonderful celebration amongst family. Its a time for friends and loved ones to look forward to new beginnings as the New Year is just around the corner. For many couples this makes Christmas time the perfect opportunity to make that all important declaration of love – a marriage proposal. In fact in recent polls Christmas Eve has been shown to be the most popular day of the year to propose marriage. Even more popular than Valentine’s Day!

If you are planning your perfect proposal for Christmas. Then perhaps the most important part of your planning needs to be giving some serious thought. To choosing the perfect engagement ring for your perfect partner. After all, this is one of the most important purchases you may ever make.

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