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Pearls of wisdom

Pearl jewellery is a classic style, often associated with glamorous Hollywood stars of yesteryear (think Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s). However, pearls aren’t just a symbol of times gone by – they can and should be a modern addition to any jewellery collection.

Natural pearls are a rare find – they develop in oysters as a result of biological processes, in both saltwater and freshwater environments. Cultured pearls are still created in this way, but the natural process is giving a biological boost by the harvester, encouraging the pearl to grow more quickly.  Because of this interference, cultured pearls tend to be less expensive than natural pearls, but they are still as striking and opalescent as their organic counterparts.

Fully developed pearls vary in size and shade, but all have the same milky white finish that the gems are known for. According to experts, pearl jewellery should be matched to the owner’s skin, to set off the shades in the best light.

If you’re looking to purchase some pearls for yourself, pay a visit to the Imperial Pearl Company, located in the heart of Hatton Garden. The business dates back to 1840, so they’re experts in the field, and stock a wide range of pearl necklaces, earring, broaches and more. If you’re already the owner of a piece of pearl jewellery but need to restore its shine, they also offer repair, restringing and polishing services, to help you keep your pearls in perfect condition.

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