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Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue

Everyone knows this old rhyme, but most people don’t know the meaning behind it! It originated in Victorian times, and each aspect of the poem represents a good luck token for the bride to be.

Something old

“Something old” was said to be a representation of the bride’s family, to honour their past and the connection they have. If you need inspiration for your own something old, consider wearing a piece of your mother or grandmother’s jewellery, or if there aren’t any heirloom pieces in your family, shop for an antique number with a touching story of its own.

Something new

“Something new” celebrates optimism and projects hope for the new life that the couple will be sharing. Brides often choose their own something new, as other aspects of the tradition have to be borrowed from others, so this could be the perfect opportunity to invest in those diamond earrings or that pretty pendant that you’ve had your eye on!

Something borrowed

Your “something borrowed” should always be loaned by a friend or family member who has a positive, happy marriage, as it is believed that their good fortune will pass over into your relationship. You could borrow anything from a pearl bracelet to a pair of earrings, as long as they come from an existing happy couple!

Something blue

Blue is a colour that was often associated with purity, loyalty and faithfulness, and so the “something blue” is meant to instil these values in your relationship. Brides with all white ensembles often prefer to keep their something blue hidden, opting for a garter or a blue bow sewn on the inside of their dress, but if you want something on show, some sapphire studs would be a pretty blue addition.

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