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Jewellery trends of the past – 1980s

Princess Diana in 1985

Vintage jewellery fans, rejoice! We’re reminiscing about some of the best and brightest jewellery of the past, with our new series ‘Jewellery trends of the past’, and we’ve been through the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s so far. Now (neon and shoulder pads at the ready) it’s time to jump into the big, bold, and beautiful 1980s.

Fashion in the 1980s took everything to extremes – clothes were designed to make a statement and turn heads, and this confident attitude was reflected in the jewellery of the time too. Beads, jelly bracelets and oversize hoop earrings were three key trends that almost every woman jumped on, but other more traditional items such as pearl and costume jewellery also had a remarkably large fan base throughout the decade. Brooches were another style that experienced a resurgence in the 1980s – albeit in a more dramatic fashion that their dainty 1950s precursors.

For the wealthy, large, chunky necklaces and bracelets were crafted from precious metals like gold; for the less affluent, colourful plastic was the order of the day. However, regardless of the budget, each jewellery design in the 1980s was designed to make the wearer stand out from the crowd.

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Brooches for brides

Picture 1Selecting the right wedding jewellery is a tricky task for any bride. Your gems have to look good with your dress, your shoes, your colour scheme and even your groom, so it’s important to get it right! Many ladies opt for statement earrings or necklaces when it comes to their wedding jewels, but a more unusual option that often gets overlooked is the humble brooch. This guide will show you how to incorporate brooches into your bridal look – and why you should keep a couple in your jewellery box just in case!

Brighten up your bouquet

Most bouquets are beautiful enough to stand out from the crowd on their own, but if you’re a girl who can’t resist a touch of extra sparkle, you can add a brooch to yours to give a truly unique finish. Some more adventurous brides are even forgoing flowers entirely and constructing their entire bouquets from pearl or gemstone brooches – a great idea for any bride who wants to stand out from the crowd.

Add sparkle to your shoes

If you’ve blown your wedding budget on the gown and can only afford a pair of simple shoes, brooches provide a great opportunity to jazz them up. Beg, buy or borrow two brooches and pin them to the front of the shoe or along each side to make your footwear a little more fancy.

Hide last minute mistakes!

It’s every bride’s worst nightmare – something goes wrong with one of the dresses (maybe even your own!) and you need a quick fix. Fear not – a beautiful brooch can be used to cover up a multitude of sins. Use it to pin together rips or burst seams, cinch in a dress that looks a little too loose, or shorten dress straps if skirts are dragging on the ground.

Sparkle in the snow

big-freeze-london2013The big freeze has truly arrived in the UK, and experts predict that we’ve still got a week or two of frosty weather ahead of us. It’s easy to forget fashion when you’re buried under chunky knitwear, but no matter how cold it is outside, no-one should be without a touch of glitz! Here are our top tips for sparkling in the snow, regardless of how many layers you’ve piled on!


Brooches are a great option for adding a touch of glamour to a bulky outfit, because they can be pinned in a prominent place, whether it’s on the brim of your woolly hat or the lapel of your thickest winter coat. Bonus points if you can find one in a seasonably appropriate shape – a glittering snowflake would be adorable!

Drop earrings

Gloves and hats are two essential outfit components for keeping warm in the chill, but wearing them means that your usual rings or small stud earrings will be completely covered up. Drop earrings are the perfect alternative – they will peek out from your hat or ear warmers and add some much needed glitter to an otherwise gloomy day.


Watches are the ultimate accessory – they’re practical and stylish, and perfect for throwing on with a snow day outfit. Delicate designs might get lots amongst the bulk, so choose a chunky, robust style for this look – and don’t get into any snowball fights unless they’re waterproof!


The saying goes, if you can’t beat them, join them, and that’s exactly what diamonds will help you do in the midst of the ice and snow. Pin on a pair of diamond earrings of let a diamond bracelet peek out from under your sleeves – you’ll shine brighter than any icicle!

Jewellery for Autumn

Jewellery is a great choice of accessory, regardless of the season, but there are certain pieces which look particularly good during the Autumn months. Here is our guide to some styles that will help you to look your best whatever the weather!


As the weather gets cooler, most people will turn to thick layers and chunky knitwear to keep out the chill. Delicate jewellery can get lost amongst these bulky fabrics, which is why chunky statement jewellery is a great choice for Autumn. Brooches make a bold and beautiful addition to any Autumn outfit – they can be pinned to scarves or coats for ultimate cold weather chic.


As the leaves change colour, so should your jewellery! Yellow gold pieces are a pretty choice, and will work particularly well with the warm, rich colours of the season. Try gold bangles and bracelets or a striking gold pendant to set off your Autumn outfits.

Antique jewellery

Vintage jewellery has been a growing trend over the last couple of years, and it’s still big news for the upcoming season. Antique jewellery has a great retro feel – a bold dress ring or a pair of antique drop earrings will add a touch of old school glamour to a daytime or evening look.

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Brooches: A royal trend

Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, in Canada last year

In recent years, brooches seem to have been something of a forgotten jewellery trend, lacking the popularity of more commonly worn items like rings and pendants. However, this season they are back in a huge way, with more and more celebrities are getting snapped in their pretty pins.

Kate Middleton may have sparked the resurgence of the trend, as she has stepped out on many royal appearances in a number of stunning pieces. Her fondness for brooches was first noticeable during her first official trip as the Duchess of Cambridge in Canada last year, where she wore a diamond and platinum brooch with a maple leaf design that was originally a present from Canada to the Queen. Photos of Kate at the royal occasion had the public clamouring to get their hands on unique vintage and antique pieces in a bid to imitate her sophisticated style.

On Saint Patrick’s Day this year, Kate was spotted wearing a charming gold shamrock brooch on her visit to the Irish Guards in Aldershot, and for the Queen’s Jubilee celebrations she sported a silver double dolphin brooch – a wedding gift from the Royal Navy. It seems that for every occasion, Kate has a brooch to match, and each piece not only accessorises the outfit in an elegant way, but can also become a symbol of support.

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