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A Guide to Engagement Ring Styles



















Engagement Ring Styles

Get to know the ins and outs of engagement ring design, to help you make the most informed decision. This rich and detailed guide to engagement ring styles takes you through the most sought after contemporary diamond rings.

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Be bespoke – choose a rose cut diamond this winter

If you’re planning an engagement and looking for the perfect ring, it makes sense to go bespoke. You’ll be able to choose how every aspect of your ring is designed; seeing as it’s going to be on your finger forever, it’s essential that it is perfect in every way!

Rose cut diamonds

This season, nothing is hotter than the rose cut diamond. Whilst it’s less common in jewellery pieces today (which makes it all the more sought after), the cut dates from the mid-16th century, and was all the rage in the 1800s and 1900s. A rose cut diamond has a flat base, which allows jewellery designers to set the stone in a variety of different ways when designing your engagement ring. For example, a space can be left under the stone itself to allow natural light to filter through the diamond, achieving an incredible sparkle – isn’t that what we’re all looking for from a diamond ring?

The vintage appeal of a rose cut diamond combined with its contemporary, slightly chunky design have cemented its appeal to bold, unique women with a flair for the dramatic, both in London and across the globe. The best way to incorporate a rose cut diamond into your unique piece of jewellery is to choose a bespoke jewellery designer who can create your dream engagement ring for you!

What your choice of diamond ring says about you

Diamond-Engagement-RingsThere are so many different cuts or shapes when it comes to diamond rings – some very distinctive and unusual – that the type you choose is sure to say something about your personality. So, what does your choice of diamond cut say about you?


A classic choice and also the most popular cut. You love tradition and simplicity, although you may have chosen a contemporary ring. For you, beautiful jewellery is simple, stylish and will never date, and your wardrobe also embodies this vibe.


A square cut with rectangular facets, this is popular in vintage jewellery styles, so if you choose this shape of diamond, you’re probably a lover of anything vintage. You love Marilyn Monroe, and can’t live without your retro-red lipstick and chic winter coat with its peter-pan collar. For you, jewellery should tell a story, and you love browsing for vintage finds in antique jewellers.


A Marquise cut looks beautiful either alone or accentuated with pear-shaped side stones. This is one of the more unusual diamond cuts, so you probably love to stand out in a crowd. You’re not afraid to take risks and try new things, and this comes across in your choice of quirky jewellery.


If you wear a heart shaped diamond ring, you’re a true romantic. You’re in love with love, in all its forms, and you wear your heart on your sleeve, unafraid to show how you feel!  You enjoy wearing figure-hugging, feminine styles.

3 questions to ask when buying a quality diamond

diamondsBuying a diamond can be a confusing process, and with so many different cuts, colours, styles and designs on offer, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Here are three key questions to ask before taking the plunge and committing to a purchase:

1. What type of stone would you recommend for my budget?

Whether you’re buying a loose gemstone or diamond jewellery, such as an engagement ring, it’s worth asking your jeweller to recommend the most striking stone within your budget limitations. A stone with poor clarity, for instance, can still look stunning if it’s well cut, so get your jeweller to make some suggestions and make sure you get maximum bling for your buck.

2. Does the diamond come with certification?

Any reputable jeweller will provide documentation for their diamonds, to prove that it’s a) the high quality they say it is and b) ethically sourced. You’ll need your documentation for insurance purposes, and if you ever decide to sell your stone, so it’s important that your jeweller provides it and that you keep it safe.

3. How do I take care of my diamond?

Now that you’ve purchased your stone, you want to keep it in tip top condition. Your jeweller will be able to recommend a cleaning solution and soft cloth suitable for your gem, so that you can keep it sparking for a lifetime without causing any damage.

Unique black solitaire diamond engagement ring ideas

KatVonD-engagement-ringCelebrity tattoo artist Kat Von D hit the headlines at the end of last year by showing off her engagement ring from her musician fiancé Deadmau5. The ring, which was crafted by The Great Frog London jewellery store, featured a dramatic black diamond set between four platinum skulls, fixed to a gemstone studded double band – certainly a twist on a conventional solitaire diamond.

If you’re thinking of popping the question, like Deadmau5 you may be searching for a unique ring which suits your beloved’s personal style. Whilst you may want something a little more traditional than Kat’s gothic inspired band, there are definitely some ways that you can make your ring stand out from the engagement ring crowd too!

Coloured stones

Around 80% of engagement rings these days feature a classic white diamond. If you’re looking for a band with a different, why not opt for a coloured stone instead? You could choose a stone in a shade of your partner’s favourite colour, or make it equally personal by using their birthstone instead.

Double band

Kat’s ring features not one but two bands, both studded with glittering black stones to match the centrepiece. Consider a double band for your unique engagement ring – whether it’s plain and simple or crammed full of sparkle, it’ll give an extra unusual touch.

Design your own

If you can’t find what you’re looking for on the shelves of a store, take a leaf out of Deadmau5’s book and ask your preferred jeweller to design something bespoke. There are plenty of jewellers in Hatton Garden that offer personalised jewellery design services – why not pay them a visit and see what you can create?