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3 ways to personalise your wedding bands for you and your partner

Picture 1Wedding bands are arguably the most important item of jewellery anyone will ever wear – they’re an ongoing symbol of your love and commitment, and you should be proud to have yours on your finger for many years to come.

It’s therefore essential that when you’re choosing your wedding band that you opt for a design that is both stylish and meaningful, and well suited to both yourself and your partner. If you’re wondering how to create a ring with that unique touch, here are three great ways to personalise your wedding band …

  1. Include a birthstone
    One rather romantic way to personalise your wedding band is to include the birthstones of yourself and your partner in the design. Whether you choose to add two single stones, or create a band entirely surrounded by these multi-coloured gems, it’s a great way to add a personal touch to your ring.
  2. Use an heirloom
    Using a family heirloom or other piece of antique jewellery as your wedding band is another great way to ensure that your ring is tailored to you. If theirs is a ring that you could use but you’re not fond of its current design, take it along to a jeweller – they may be able to alter the settings or even melt it down and recreate another band altogether. This allows you to maintain the sentimental nature of the band, but still have a ring that suits your style.
  3. Add an engraving
    If you want the personal aspect of your ring to be a little more discreet, you could opt for an engraving on the inside of the band. Whether you choose the date of your ceremony, your partner’s name, or any other in-joke or saying, it’s a great intimate addition that will make you smile every time you see it.

Jewellery gift ideas to consider for Mother’s Day this year

MothersDay2013Mother’s Day is just around the corner (10th March, for those of you who’ve lost track), so it’s time to start thinking about a gift for your mum that will show her how much you care. Jewellery is the perfect present for Mother’s Day, so here are some great ideas from the Hatton Garden team to help you make the day as special as she is.

Buy her a birthstone

The day you were born is the day she became a mother, so why not treat your mum with a piece of jewellery that features your birthstone? If you’ve got brothers and sisters who were born in different months, you could all club together and invest in an item that has all of your birthstones in one setting, for a truly personal take on a classic jewellery gift.

Treat her to a jewellery box

Some mums already have a fantastic jewellery collection of their own – if this is the case with your mum, then get her a jewellery box so that she can organise and protect her existing gems. You can tailor the design to her favourite colours and styles (and even hide a new piece of jewellery inside if you’re feeling extra generous!)

Get her an engraving

If your mum’s got a favourite piece of jewellery that you know she’ll never replace, you could consider sneaking it away to a jewellers and adding an engraving. You may need to coerce your relatives into helping you to smuggle it away, but the look on her face when she sees it will make all of your efforts worthwhile. Whether you choose to add a simple date or a thoughtful message, it’s a great way of making a beloved item even more meaningful.

Jewellery engraving checklist

Engraving jewellery can give it an additional, personal touch to make the piece even more special. However, if you’ve decided to get your favourite item of jewellery engraved, there are a few things you should double check first.

Enough space on the item

Not all jewellery can be engraved – you can only get a message carved if there is enough space to carve. Items such as lockets, identity bracelets, rings and watches lend themselves very well to engraving – more delicate items, such as chains with thin links or very small bangles, do not.

Thick enough metal

Jewellery made of very thin gold or silver will collapse under the pressure if it is engraved, so it is essential to make sure that your piece is thick and strong enough to withstand the engraving process.

A short message

Even if your jewellery is one of the aforementioned styles with enough space for an engraving, you still need to keep your message or mention short and sweet. For instance, if you want your wedding date engraved on your wedding band, opt for the shorter format – 01.01.13 rather than 1st January 2013, for example.

A definite decision

Engraving your jewellery will alter it forever, so you need to be certain that you’ll want to wear the piece with its new addition for a lifetime. Think very carefully before engraving antique or heirloom jewellery in particular, as you cannot purchase a replacement if you change your mind.

If you’d still like to get your jewellery engraved, pay a visit to R H Wilkins, the engraving specialists, located on Leather Lane in the heart of Hatton Garden. They have many years of expertise and will be able to engrave your message with elegance and ease.

Unique engagement ring ideas

Brilliant round cut solitaire diamonds are the most popular type of engagement ring.
Brilliant round cut solitaire diamonds are the most popular type of engagement ring.

Engagement rings are a special purchase, chosen specifically with one person in mind – but with so many popular styles and designs on the market, all of which share lots of similar qualities, how can you make sure your chosen ring is truly unique?

Brilliant round cut solitaire diamonds are the most popular type of engagement ring, and they do make a beautiful choice. However, if you’re looking for something a little quirkier, you could try one of these more unusual options.

Opt for multiple diamonds

Engagement rings traditionally feature a diamond – but other than tradition, there’s no reason to limit yourself to just one! You could opt for a larger stone framed by lots of smaller ones, or a line of similar sized gems.

Choose different stones

Again, it is only tradition that dictates you have to choose a diamond at all – other gemstones such as rubies, emeralds, or sapphires can also look lovely. For a particularly personal touch, you could choose your beloved’s birthstone.

Include an engraving

If you want a ring with a more subtly unique touch, you could consider customising your choice with an engraving. Popular options include a sentimental quote, a name, or even the date of the engagement itself!

Redesign an heirloom

If you have a family ring that you’d like to use, but think it’s in need of a bit of a refresh, you could consider getting it redesigned by a professional jeweller. The jewellers of Hatton Garden have a wealth of experience and would be happy to help – why not pay them a visit and see what they can come up with?