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Nearly 70 years ago, the mountains called Sikhote-Alin in eastern part of Russia were hit by a “piece of sun” as described by eyewitnesses. A 450 million year old meteorite after its long journey collided with planet earth and changed … Read more

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There are numerous places of deep historical significance only a short stroll away from the diamond quarter of Hatton Garden in London.  Lincoln’s Inn Fields is one such place. London has many elegant squares and Lincoln’s Inn Fields is actually … Read more

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Customers come from all over the world to purchase stunning gold jewellery in London’s diamond quarter in Hatton Garden.  Like other precious metals, gold is measured by troy weight and by grams. When it is alloyed with other metals the … Read more

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The wedding ring has a long and wide spread history. For the origins of the wedding ring we need to look to the deserts of North Africa.  It was there that the ancient Egyptian civilization emerged along the fertile flood … Read more

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Beautiful jewellery delights the soul and adorns the body. What, then, could be better than a visit to Holts? Holts jewellers in Hatton Garden holds one of the largest collections of precious and semi-precious gems in the UK and offers … Read more

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