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Silverware is a precious addition to any home ware collection – but before you invest, it’s essential that you understand which qualities you should be looking for, and how to take care of your purchase. Whether you’re buying new or … Read more

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Jewellery isn’t just a great accessory that makes you feel like a million dollars – it’s also provided the inspiration for hundreds of different songs over the years. From retro classics to modern gems, we’ve put together a selection of … Read more

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Gold is one of those classic precious metals that is used in different types of jewellery across the globe, but what many people don’t realise is that is comes in many different styles and colours. Here are just a few … Read more

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There are endless articles on the Internet that talk about wedding jewellery for women – from pearls and pendants to diamond ringss and drop earrings, they’ve got it covered – but on that big day, it’s important for the groom … Read more

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Signet rings are ornamental rings, usually worn by men, which are engraved with a personal design or seal. Each individual ring is instilled with the heritage of the wearer, and those who wore the piece before them. Signet rings are … Read more

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