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CAD jewellery design

We like to think of jewellery with emotion and romance, an unchanged archetypal craftsman. At his bench forming gold clasps to seat a gem using the same tools that were used centuries ago. Indeed we still use the lost wax casting method that is unchanged in a thousand years. We live in a changing world and CAD has enabled us to create an image quickly of the finished item. Before it is made, laser scanning enables a quick method of producing models of physical objects. 

CAD software facilities

The photo realistic images are automatically stored, allowing easy amendments. This helps the artisans express themselves with more clarity. The prototype models requires the knowledge and understanding of jewellery fabrication procedures and trained with the CAD software facilities. CAM (computer aided manufacturing) is equipment we use to produce prototype waxes from our solid scape machine.

Our CAD designers

Our design software consists of 3Design, Gemvision Matrix, Art CAM, Jewel smith, Jewel CAD. Our CAD designers are converse with the latest Alienware computers, they have the advance skills of a jewellery mounter at the bench. Delivering the highest quality pieces of jewellery possible. CNC (computer numerical control) enable very precise cutting, milling and grinding to create intricate delicate details absolutely perfectly. 

In-store CAD jewellery designer

Heming offers a wide selection of Solitaire, Three Stone and illusion set Diamond Rings. Complemented by a carefully chosen selection of vintage one-off pieces exclusive to Heming London. Our in-store jewellery designer will guide you through the complete process. Enabling you to see your design materialise in real time on our Computer Assisted Design software. Once every detail has been agreed, the design will be submitted for manufacture. We carry a large selection of both contemporary and classic jewellery designs; including original Heming designer pieces and unique period settings.

Book your appointment and start with an in-depth consultation and your concept can quickly be visualised and bought to life on the screen. Any enquiries, please vistit our contact us page.