Zuzana Jewellery

handmade bespoke designer and jeweller

The Record Hall 16-16a , Baldwin's Gardens, London , EC1N 7RJ , LG13 Mo - Fri - 9:00 - 18:00 , Saturday 9:00- 16:00 , Sundays closed

Unique CAD jewellery designs

Unique CAD Jewellery design means having a tool that allows you to be truly creative and bring your unique bespoke jewellery designs to life. Zuzana can model and create that unique one-of-a-kind jewellery in stunning virtual reality, without costing real-world materials and days’ worth of time. CAD jewellery design enables Zuzana to work with you on a level that can make the whole project that much more personal and relatable, to help you feel like you’re really making the design choices like you’re in charge, which often ring designs don’t do.

CAD design your ring quickly

CAD jewellery design cuts down the manufacturing time due to the ability to design a ring so quickly. Through that, she can ensure the dimensions of the ring are correct to a micro-level that only a computer could manufacture as well as a low cost as no real-world materials are expended on a design until its perfect. The mixture of tech and hand-crafting techniques enables Zuzana to work at a level that matches industry jewellery manufactures, but with the unique flare, only a handmade jewellery designer could give you and the specialist care that can only be provided by a bespoke service. 

CAD materialise your ring 

CAD enables Zuzana to work with you to fully design and materialise your wedding ring before its truly built, also you can hand select your very own loose diamonds and gemstones, alongside a vast choice of styles, settings, and precious metals to choose from. Work alongside with Zuzana and production team who are sure to provide you with an unforgettable experience.

CAD jewellery design interaction

CAD jewellery design enables a level of interaction beyond anything that’s come before it which is why it’s so important to Zuzana’s jewellery business, and to her customers, furthermore, she can now accurately quote the production costs, which allows her to tailor your design to meet any budgets you may have in mind. Zuzana’s studio can be found in Hatton Garden, better known as the jewellery district of London, simply walk in, or make an appointment via telephone.