Innovative courses for the jewellery industry

The Anchor Cert Academy ​reveals new ‘Exposed’ courses to empower members and meet today’s challenges in the ever developing jewellery industry. Opportunities exist to develop skills and competence in order to surpass the competition through these leading edge training courses. Assay Office Birmingham’s AnchorCert Academy presents innovative courses for 2016 to meet the changing needs and […]

Michael Caine​ would gleefully star in Hatton Garden Heist movie

Sir Michael Caine​, 82,​ says he ​would ​gleefully star in a new film​ in preparation​ about the recent £14m Hatton Garden jewellery heist​,​ ​’on condition​ the script is ​sparkling​’​. So, are we in for a new version of the well known expression, like: ‘You were only supposed to blow the ruddy (ruby) doors orff!”?​ Items in the Hatton Garden safe deposit raid included gold, diamonds and sapphires​, when  the  gang  of  ‘grand-dad’ ​burglars […]

London’s Jewellery Quarter and UK Diamond Centre

Hatton Garden is the centre of the world when it comes to buying quality jewellery and precious stones.  Made with a long tradition of craftsmen’s skills.  Internationally renowned, people come from all over the world to purchase sparkling diamonds. For special occasions from over 90 retail jewellers and jewellery services in the area. The diamond rings […]