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A wide range of contemporary rings

Madison’s wide range of contemporary rings are a unique collection that blend beautiful jewellery designs with simple, subtle ones. In ages past rings where designed in a simple way, which is today known as classic design. These rings although gorgeous in their own right, aren’t always the most unique of rings. That’s where contemporary rings come in.

All the rage for brides

Offering the simplicity of classic rings but with an elegant flair that adds to make an eye-catching design, Madison provides artistic features and distinctive styles to all our rings. It’s no surprise that these rings are all the rage for brides. The unique element of class that these rings bring show help you show your loved one that the love you share is unique and precious – just like the gemstones and metals the ornaments are constructed of.

Designs featuring new art styles

Contemporary rings where originally less of a status symbol and more of an artistic platform to display love and emotion, since the sixties where contemporary jewellery began to rise, the jewellery has reflected the social and political atmosphere of the time, as well as the times artistic tendencies. In rings this manifested itself with designs featuring new art styles and materials, from plastic to the classic gems like diamond all being used in ways that previously they hadn’t. As times gone on, this has only grown and modern contemporary rings offer a wide range of designs. Society now places these wonderful designs much higher, perhaps due to how they where used in the past to show symbols.

Endeavour to make each ring unique

Modern contemporary jewellery designs like that you can find at Madison are seen as classy and sophisticated, as you can see from our wide collection of contemporary rings. Madison knows that art has always been a huge part of contemporary rings, which is why they’re so personal to the people who you give them too. Through this Madison endeavour to make each ring unique. Art has emotion running through it, especially jewellery which is why contemporary art is so popular, it allows you to show your loved one and onlookers exactly how you feel about your loved one. To really see these beautiful pieces, contact Madison through the contact page, or visit our showroom, located in Hatton Garden, London’s jewellery capital.