Zuzana Jewellery

handmade bespoke designer and jeweller

The Record Hall 16-16a , Baldwin's Gardens, London , EC1N 7RJ , LG13 Mo - Fri - 9:00 - 18:00 , Saturday 9:00- 16:00 , Sundays closed

Contemporary jewellery artform

A master in the contemporary jewellery artform. Years of training and experience combined with a love of the craft and a watchful eye over fashion in jewellery grants Zuzana a unique perspective and eye for design and craft. With a level of detail that makes each individual piece unique, right down the smallest detail. All our rings are handmade by Zuzana using the latest software such as CAD as well as ancient techniques handed down from generation to generation. Zuzana’s range of contemporary rings reflects this mixture of new and old techniques through their individuality and precision engineering.

The best quality for precious stones

Zuzana offers all her rings in a range of materials, from gold, platinum to palladium. Also, on offer is a vast degree of beautiful and quality precious stones, diamonds and jewels, ranging from smooth to rough-cut stones that are all fit for the specific purpose you decide, or meteorite to unusual pearls, millimetre precise diamonds to rough-cut sapphire; only the best quality for precious stones, diamonds and metals, a quality not granted by all providers. 

Crafting your contemporary jewellery

Zuzana focuses only on what you want, letting you choose the right fit for you. Of course, the range of choice can be daunting, which is why Zuzana will guide you through the process of crafting your contemporary jewellery, utilising her years of experience in the industry and skills as a designer master jeweller. 

Original contemporary jewellery

If you’re looking for that unique piece that only you could ever have, or you want something totally original to give to that special someone then Zuzana’s the place to go. All of Zuzana’s contemporary CAD jewellery pieces are handmade with care in the Hatton Garden Workshop. Each and every one of our pieces is special, and she loves to share that feeling with her customers.

To see the full range contemporary jewellery, contact us online or by phone, or come into the studio to speak to Zuzana directly.