The Hatton Garden area has been the epicentre of London's jewellery trade since medieval times. There over 90 jewellery shops and related jewellery business services listed on this website, all steeped in Jewellery history. Explore our website and discover the delights that await you in Hatton Garden’s Jewellery Quarter. The home page has 27 categories to choose from, they cover almost all the posiible jewellery shops and jewellery services that you may be looking for, each of the jewellery businesses listed will be willing help you with any enquiry related to jewellery.

There are ready made Engagement rings, Diamond rings, Wedding bands, Eternity rings, Bespoke jewellery design, Contemporary jewellery, Design and Manufacture, Gold and Platinum jewels, Antique Jewellery, Cad jewellery designs, Gems and Gemstones, Gemalogical Certification, Pearl jewellery, Watches and Timepieces, Silverware and Silver jewellery, Jewellery repairs, Jewellery Engravers, Signet rings, Laser Cutting, Jewellery Valuation, Sell your Jewellery, Tools and Equipment, Jewellery Emporium, Precious Metals, Pawnbrokers, Jewellery Insurance and Personal loans.

There are 27 different jewellery categories to choose from on the Home page, many of the businesses will be listed in several categories depending on their area of expertise, click on the following links to go directly to some of the category pages of your choice.

Each category has a list of the businesses that specifically deal with that area on the jewellery trade, most of the Hatton Garden Jewellery shops are listed in the first 5 categories, the more specific the services is, there will have less businesses listed in that category. When viewing the businesses inside each category,you will find more information relating the the business you have chosen to look at, click on the "More Info" buttton to have more details about that company. All the businesses listed on this site are fully trusted, they are reliable and have many years of experience in the jewellery industry. 

The Engagement ring category has a list of over 40 Jewellery shops on that page, it is the most popular visited page on the site, all of the businesses listed are displayed in random order, each time you click on another page the businesses will be displayed in a different order. Diamond rings has around 30 jewellery shops listed on that page, Wedding bands also has around 30 shops listed, with a wide choice of ready made wedding rings, there are other businesses that make bespoke jewellery to your design, Eternity rings has around 25 shops, Bespoke Jewellery Design has many shops that can make any piece of jewellery that you would like made, they work directly from their workshops nearby in Hatton Garden. Contemporary jewellery has around 20 shops that have a wide range of readymade contemporary jewellery, some can make the jewellery from your ideas. Design and Manufacture can advise you on your design and wishes for a one-of-a- kind piece of jewellery that is the speciality of almost all the designers in Hatton Garden. Cad jewellery design, with this technology, you can decide if there are any changes you wish to make before the manufacturing process begins. Gold and Platinum jewels has a list of shops that have examples of jewellery other than diamond rings. There are around 7 shops that specialize in Antique jewellleryGems and Gemstones category will show a list of businesses that specialize in other types on precious stones. Gemological Certification can help those wanting to have their precious stones graded, offering experienced evaluation on all gemstones.