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Affordable engagement rings

Visit as many jewellery shops as possible, time your visit to Haaton Garden between these hours. We are very happy for you to have a good look around other local shops in Hatton Garden. You will then discover just what great prices we offer on all of our diamond jewellery. Whether it be an engagement ring, diamond wedding band, eternity ring, earrings, pendant or bracelet. We have built our business on offering exceptional value, with outstanding customer service. We are confident you cannot buy better diamond jewellery and engagement rings anywhere at a lower price.

Clarity enhanced diamonds

Burscarf clarity enhanced diamonds have the reputation of being the best diamonds available. We only select the higher grade 'whites' and stones that we know will react best to our superior treatment, all are covered by our Lifetime Guarantee. Previously a trade secret not widely available before in the UK. We are the first jeweller to specialise in clarity enhanced diamonds and pass on the HUGE SAVINGS to our customers. For example we have 1ct clarity enhanced soliatire engagement rings from £2995 at time of writing up to £30,000 for a stunning 5ct Princess cut ring. Our clarity enhancement process takes a naturally mined diamond. NOT lab grown or synthetic, that has visible imperfections and makes these invisible to the naked eye. The flaws are now less distinct and can only be seen under x10 magnification.

Bigger diamond engagement ring

This enables us to sell you a more beautiful and bigger diamond ring than you will be able to afford from another jewellers supplying you an untreated stone for the same price. The bottom line is that clarity enhancement diamonds enable customers to buy a larger diamond than they would usually be able to afford. The choice is yours whether to spend your hard earned money on a less impressive. Small conventional stones or a larger, really beautiful, stunning diamond engagement ring which will look a million dollars.