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The diamond engagement ring you give to the woman you plan to spend the rest of your life with should be as unique as she is. But where’s the best place to buy a diamond engagement ring. It’s not online or from a mass-market high street jeweller. While it may seem like you get a lot more choice, you also won’t know what you’re buying. Buying from a specialist jeweller means you’ll get the benefit of their expertise to choose exactly the right stone and setting to give you the best chance of proposing with a ring she’ll love because it’s been designed with only her in mind. 

Personalised jewellery service

You’ll also know the exact provenance of the stone you choose, because it will be certificated, and you’ll enjoy a personalised jewellery service that continues long after you’ve proposed. Not only that, but you’ll also be able to see, touch and compare the stones you’re choosing from – something you can’t do in a shop or online. One question you might ask is How much should I spend on a diamond engagement ring. The answer is only as much as you can sensibly afford. The giving of a ring should be a symbol of love, not a symbol of how far you’ll go to bankrupt yourself.

High quality engagement rings

That said, the better quality the diamond, the more you’re going to have to pay. Note the use of the word quality. In pricing a diamond, it’s quality rather than size that counts – there are plenty of very large, cheap diamonds around, but there’s no such thing as cheap high quality diamonds. Buying a diamond engagement ring should be a personal experience. That’s why I’ll meet you to discuss your needs – including budget – and her likes and dislikes before you buy. To find out more about how we make our diamond engagement rings at Lewis Malka London, or to book and appointment with me, please contact us.