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Beautiful engagement rings

An engagement ring is arguably the most important thing you will purchase for someone in your lifetime. The proposal is a moment in time you and your loved one will revisit in reminiscence. This makes the ring is just as memorable as popping the question. An engagement ring traditionally features beautiful gemstones or diamonds which makes it one of the most luxurious and romantic gestures one could ever bestow upon another.

History of engagement rings 

The tradition of giving an engagement ring to another person dates back to Roman times. Amongst their pioneering work that influenced an entire globe, they’re credited with creating the engagement ring. Going all the way back to 1st century AD, a betrothal ceremony would take place where a groom would present his bride-to-be with a ring.

The traditional gift of engagement rings

As the giving of engagement rings became a mainstay of life, so did some of its traditions. An engagement ring is typically worn on the fourth finger of the left hand where it will sit forever. The diamond is a natural substance that is also the toughest on Earth. This solidity has become synonymous with engagements as this is a love that will never end. Over the years as technology has advanced, diamond engagement ring styles have evolved, leading to a myriad of styles and shapes to choose from.

Customise your engagement ring

No matter the shape or style you desire for your engagement ring, Hatton Garden jewellers Shining Diamonds create bespoke jewellery with the finest in British craftsmanship. Whether you want a classic solitaire diamond engagement ring or a timeless halo engagement ring, we can create the most beguiling of pieces. We also ethically source diamonds of your choice in any cut clarity, carat and colour, with a choice of metals from white gold, yellow gold, rose gold or platinum.

The perfect engagement ring

We even offer a bridal set of rings for all of our customers so your loved one can have a matching piece for her wedding ring for the big day. Before popping the question, visit independent jewellers Shining Diamonds to find the perfect engagement ring that celebrates your love and happiness. Visit our Hatton Garden store or our website today.