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Stunning collection of Sapphire jewellery

62 Hatton Garden, London, EC1N 8LR Mon-Fri 9am to 5.00pm (accept Fri 4pm) Sat 9am to 4pm

A handmade ring of your dreams

At " The Sapphire Shop " we believe a sapphire is a statement of your love for someone, it shows that someone loves you. Your engagement is an important milestone in your life and worthy of marking with the handmade ring of your dreams. A personalised natural sapphire ring to glorify all the romance of the honourable occasion that will be gleaming forever on your finger. Explore our exclusive collection of sapphire engagement rings that are beautifully crafted to spell out a declaration of your love and discover the way to your woman's heart. 

Jewellery design studio.

At " The Sapphire Shop " we offer bespoke rings that are designed with your help and input, it will be individually identifiable for you to show off to friends and family. We welcome you to visit our jewellery design studio in the heart of London's Hatton Garden for a free consultation with our design team who will assist you in creating your own unique custom made engagement ring. We stock a vast range of sapphires mainly traditional blue from Thailand, but also have a good selection of "fancy" sapphires ranging in many colours, we have rainbow sapphires and of course the red and pink ones, better known as rubies. 

Sapphires come in many different cuts.

The sapphires come in many different cuts including round, cushion, marquis, oval, pear, princess and radiant styles. Book your free design session now and select the perfect sapphire from our inventory, showing the full range of designs to create your own original sapphire masterpiece. Subtle pastels to bursting bright, our collection of traditional blue and fancy coloured sapphire rings offers incomparable natural colour and beauty that will personalise your engagement. 

Ethically sourced sapphires.

Sapphires are a precious stone closest in hardness to diamonds, they are seen as the guardians of love, our sapphires  are ethically sourced, they come in their natural colour and have not been heat treated. That moment of choosing an engagement ring is a moment to cherish. That special piece of jewellery bought to last an eternity, that will hold your memories forever.

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