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Holts Lapidary, 1st Floor, 39 Greville Street, London, EC1N 8PJ. Mon to Thurs 10am-5pm Fri: 10am-4.30pm

Gemstone testing at Holts Lapidary

With their team of highly experienced FGA Certified Gemmologists, Holts Lapidary is the ideal place to take your unknown gemstones for testing and certifying.  Pop into our showroom, 1st Floor, 39 Greville Street. In our on-site gem lab we have a wide range of standard gemmological testing equipment to help enable a positive identification of a wide range of gem materials; we are able to test both loose and mounted gems as well as rough gem materials. You are more than welcome to be present whilst the stone testing is carried out. Upon completion of the test, we issue a certificate outlining the physical details of the gemstone (ie: cut, colour, weight and physical measurements) as well as the identification.

We also provide a Gemstone Valuation service where we would do as above with a insurance valuation provided.

Gemstone testing from £30 plus VAT.*

*prices vary dependent on the gemstone being tested


Lapidary Services

Our team of highly trained lapidaries are happy to fashion your gemstone into any shape according to your requirement as well as repairing or re-polishing a gemstone to its original condition. The master craftsmen in our team have worked on extremely expensive stones and have even cut gemstones for a blockbuster movie! We are happy to guide you through the possibilities.

Cutting a cabochon from £30.

*Prices are dependent on the nature of the materials and on the complexity of the job/jewellery item. Prices exclude VAT.