christeningsChristenings are a great reason to celebrate, but because the new arrival is so young, it can be difficult to choose an appropriate present that you know they’ll be able to enjoy. Jewellery is a wise option for a christening present as it’s a gift that can be cherished for many years – the parents can take care of the gem while the baby is young, and the child can wear it as they grow up! Here are some ideas for christening gifts that they’ll treasure for a lifetime.

A cross necklace

If the ceremony you’re attending is a traditional, religious affair, a cross necklace is a classic choice of gift that’s perfect to commemorate this special occasion. This design is available in a variety of precious metals, from glowing gold to sterling silver, so you can choose a pendant in your preferred shade.

An engraved bracelet

An engraved bracelet or bangle is a christening gift that can carry the meaning of the event across the years. Whether you choose to engrave the child’s name or the date of the celebration, your personalisation will make this gift even more meaningful.

A silver cup

This is another great keepsake gift that again, you can customise with an engraving. Its high quality metal and sentimental message mean that this present will be one that mother and baby alike will love.

Tags: cross necklaces, engraving, gift ideas, jewellery gifts for christenings, religious jewellery, silver cup
Date: 16th May 2013
Author: alister msinth

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